Hello all,

There has been some delay in finishing the Altiverb version of my first Samplicity impulse library, but this part of the project is now back on the track!

The Altiverb IR versions have been tested and they sound great! The Altiverb format discs will start shipping next week Wednesday March 23. We need to make some final changes for the folder and file names (I'm not a Mac man, so I need to work this out with "Maccers" here in Holland).

This library contains 89 true stereo impulse response sets and for "lighter" CPU usage there are also mono-to-stereo versions of most IR sets. Furthermore, there are 4 IR sets with 8 variations in positioning and early reflections. The secret code name chosen by Emagic/Apple for the source is: the Big Denmark

The Altiverb Church demo will be available on the Samplicity site within a few days.

Best regards,