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Topic: Abit Dual Processor Motherboard/Gigasampler

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    Re: Abit Dual Processor Motherboard/Gigasampler

    windows 2000 would be cool but BeOS would be a whole lot cooler. . .

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    Re: Abit Dual Processor Motherboard/Gigasampler

    Hell yea,

    I have a BP6 and only one thing to say. . . screw win2000 and microsoft all together, there going to screw us anyway by making a pro and a consumer version (from what I\'ve read) that are basically win9x line and nt5, I\'m planing on going to BeOS as it takes much better advantage with two processors and has the audio support starting to go strong already. . . event has already made drivers and were able to attain 3ms latiency!!! check it out here http://www.harmony-central.com/Software/BeOS/beos-software-news.html . . . basically this is the way to go and all we need to do is convince nemesys. . .

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    Abit Dual Processor Motherboard/Gigasampler

    When is gigasampler going to be updated to support windows 2000. I have the bp6, abit dual celeron 500 waiting for this to happen.


    The Abit BP6 motherboard cost 138.00 and works fine with Gigasampler. The board supports the new IDE ata 66mb/sec transfer rate and supports dual celeron processors. The chips can be overclocked separately in bios. This is a fantastic motherboard for Gigasampler use.........and cheap.

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    Re: Abit Dual Processor Motherboard/Gigasampler

    Updated url... typo http://www.abit-usa.com/

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