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Topic: Filmscore using gold

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    Filmscore using gold


    I placed some samples of a filmscore I did with gold in the demo section but I'm going to place them here too.

    To hear the demos hit this link: http://www.broadjam.com/index.asp

    Then go to the top of the page and hit search. Then do an artist search for: jherringmusic

    This is my first all midi score. So comments are welcome.

    Thank you in advance


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    Re: Filmscore using gold

    I think QLSO Gold is an excellent set and I am always impressed with the results that I hear...yours is no exception.

    One of the thoughest aspects of listening to film music is that it's difficult to get a good idea of what is happening in the scene. I'd love to see a clip of the film with your music.

    I wish this forum allowed for some storage space where we all could upload clips and mp3's.
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    Re: Filmscore using gold


    I like the strings in the first piece at about 3:40. What patch did you use there? My hair rose a little bit as I was listening.
    I like the sonorities on the second piece.

    Could you take a moment and discuss your process (ie on paper, and then I did it in Sibelius, then loaded my Mac G5 Blah Blah? I am curious about your setup.

    I enjoy your music as well as your advice in the forum.


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    Re: Filmscore using gold

    I'll check it later Jose...



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    Re: Filmscore using gold

    Thanks for listening guys. I really appreciate it.

    Midphase, you're so right. The music fits really well in the movie. I'll have to do an edit to make it a great listening experience too. If this helps the movie itself is a psychological chiller. Somewhere between thriller and horror. No slasher stuff just really chilling and disturbing moments.


    I changed my whole approach to writing music to do this score. I usually write to paper then sequence demos then head to the studio to add live orchestra. This film didn't have that budget so I looked into getting Gold. When working with gold I found that there were somethings that it did extremely well and some things that it really couldn't do. So I opted to go straight into sequencing the parts without writing them out. I find that if I score to paper I'm scoring for live instruments(even have the players in my head) then when I go to sequence some stuff just doesn't work. Then I get frustrated. So I decided to change the approach.

    One thing I will warn against is that I made sure to pay very close attention to the counterpoint as this can get lost when banging parts into the sequecer.

    I would explain to you my setup but you would laugh. I'm in deperated need of some new computers. But my main daw is Digital Performer and I had Gold stand alone on a PC with Forte VSTI host. This wasn't nearly enough to do this job so I ended up sequencing parts one section at a time then recording each section of the orchestra seperately into my daw. Then I mixed for balance. I didn't use any additional reverb and no EQ. I also bypassed my board and went directly from computer to computer via Echo Gina to Digi 001. Never did figure out that lightpipe or spdf thing. Too bad.



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    Re: Filmscore using gold

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyP

    I like the strings in the first piece at about 3:40. What patch did you use there? My hair rose a little bit as I was listening.
    I like the sonorities on the second piece.
    Sorry forgot to answer this question. I'll check into it. I really don't remeber. What I do is write a part then flip through the various patches to see which one sounds the best.



    Any other listeners welcome. Thanks again.

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    Re: Filmscore using gold

    Quote Originally Posted by josejherring
    Any other listeners welcome. Thanks again.
    You already know my opinion . . . I think they sound great! It really shows off EWQLSO Gold.

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Filmscore using gold

    Listened to the first one so far -- sounds really good. Imo you did better than most film music in sustaining musical interest throughout a scene. At a little before the end, I could imagine "sound design" as recently discussed here merging with the rhythmic gestures. There's about 20 seconds of dead space on the end -- one waits, holding ears, expecting an explosion or something!

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    Re: Filmscore using gold

    Great stuff! I'm using Gold for an Animated Movie Score so it's great to hear what it can do.
    Nice one!
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    Morrow Lindberg

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    Re: Filmscore using gold

    thanks for your comments gugliel and J.,


    comming from a concert background I try very hard to keep the structure of music in tact even when doing filmscoring so that it stands as music by itself. Not always easy or possible to do, but I try.



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