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Topic: What are good sounds for auditioning reverbs?

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    What are good sounds for auditioning reverbs?

    Dear friends,

    I have started to make an 88-key Gig file (to be converted later also to Halion and EXS formats) for auditioning 88 Impulse Response sounds from my current Samplicity Vol. 1 library. I will be posting these sampler files as free downloads on www.Samplicity.com.

    I have found a good close snare hit in DFH and have received kind permission from ToonTrack to use this in dry, bit wet, wetter and full wet mode, with all the IR's.

    The dry to full wet variations will be controlled by velocity.

    The 4 source sounds can be selected with the mod wheel.

    The fourth sound is the spoken number of the IR (I have stolen this idea from Larry Seyers excellent video demo - sorry Larry! This idea is too good not to use )

    This snare is sound 1, the spoken number (thus also dry-to-wet modes!) is sound 4.

    So, I have two more sound "slots" in this project.

    As there are a lot of hall type reverbs, what would be a good source sound?

    I have made an orchestral tutti hit (with my sample templates), and it sounds like this: http://www.samplicity.com/demos/audi...tti,%20dry.mp3 (the first hit only)

    Mixed it can sound like this: http://www.samplicity.com/demos/audi...an%20hall).mp3 (again, the first hit only).

    But maybe this is actually not a good representative sound to audition reverbs and I should select something more mf and more mellow...

    I was also thinking about just a short percussive sound, like marimba, or hitting two sticks together....

    Lot of possibilites, but for auditioning I have to select two really representative sounds. Maybe a staccato piano chord?


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    I didn't understand your question at first... I had to edit the post..

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    Re: What are good sounds for auditioning reverbs?

    From a very general perspective I think a metallic sounding hand clap sound puts real good pressure on the reverb to deliver well. If it can handle that kind of sound, then it usually is not a bad reverb setting.
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    Re: What are good sounds for auditioning reverbs?

    Very smart idea Peter

    I think each key should play back a couple of notes, from low to high so you can see the frequency responce of each IR as well. Preferably staccato's of something ( Maybe one string stac , one piano for each of the notes and a chord at the end of each )
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