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Topic: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe questions

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    Asus P4C800-E Deluxe questions

    My computer was built using this motherboard....It had the Intel 875P MCH chipset in it ....I would like to run ALL SATA H.D's .....Right now the way my system is setup, there is a H.D. that run's all my program applications, and also the OS, on the SATA 1 connector.....My other H.D. holds all my Giga Samples is on the SATA 2 connector ... I still have the IDE connectors, which are Ultra ATA133......Then I also have 2 other SATA connectors....They are Raid SATA 1, and Raid SATA 2.....My question is this....

    Can I just use these two SATA Raid connectors as regular SATA connections like the other 2 that I have connected, and NOT in a raid configuration ?.....
    I basically want to run 4 - SATA drives in my computer WITHOUT a raid configuration ...

    Next question

    Is it benneficial to run the OS, and the programs, and the applications like the Giga application on SATA drives, or will they do just fine on and ATA133 setup ?.... Do I need the speed of the SATA drives t run these application's, or is it more important to have the samples on the SATA drives,and just have the applications on the IDE buss ? ....Thanks in advance to all the replies...
    Sincerely , Jim

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    Re: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe questions


    This is the board I use in my system.. I believe there is a setting in the BIOS that lets you choose between using the SATA controller in a RAID setup or in seperate drive mode. I'm not in front of that pc right now so I can't tell you exactly where it is. I know for sure that the ATA133 RAID controller lets you choose between the same settings because I use it as a regular IDE controller (not RAID) now.

    As far as using SATA for your apps and OS.. the biggest difference you probably would see with a fast SATA drive would be faster boot times. I'd recommend getting one or two large ATA133 drives for OS, apps, and data storage, and use your fast SATA drives for samples and audio.

    Just my $.02


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    Re: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe questions

    Thanks for the information.....I'll check in the bios to see if I can go the "single" route......Sincerely, Jim

    The 400 gig Seagates are EXACTLY what I want to put in my computer...I would like to run 3 of them ( or at least 2 of them ) SATA ....I just wanted to make sure that the IDE buss would work well enough for the application programs...If they won't , I wanted to run all 4 hard drive's in SATA mode...My understanding of Raid is that I would loose 1/2 the space on a "mirror" setup, and 1/2 the space of any of the other raid configurations.....Correct me if I'm wrong....I would like to have as much space as I can get for samples, and the drives and the connection has to be fast enough to use to play back Giga samples without clogging the computer.....Thanks for your time......Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe questions

    OK....I think I answered my own question....I see that I can run a Raid 0 setup and have better performance than if I ran just single SATA drives, and I get the full capacity of both drives...The downside is that if I loose one HD I basically loose what's on both ....Not a problem since I will have samples on both drives, and will have backup discs with the samples on them anyway.......I think that I will run 2 - 400 mb SATA Seagates along with what I already have , and take it from there....That should hold me for a month or so anyway ...
    ......I would go with the Terrabyte drives, but I dont trust them ..
    I like the Seagates as I already have 2 of them in my computer now....They run very quiet , and very fast .....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe questions

    There are 4 - SATA connections on this motherboard that can be used ins a Raid configuration....They are

    1) SATA 1
    2) SATA 2
    3) SATA RAID 1
    4) SATA RAID 2

    There are also 2 IDE connectors.....

    You are using the IDE connector's for your applications.....Which SATA connectors are you using in your RAID configuration ?.....
    I would like to hook up my applications, and OS to a H.D. using SATA 1 connnector
    I would like to run my "audio" from my sequencing program to a H.D. connected to SATA 2
    I would then like to set up a Raid configuration using SATA RAID 1, and SATA RAID 2 connectors, as a RAID 0 setup for my Giga samples.....
    Can I do this ? or can I only use 2 IDE connectors, and 2 SATA connections?
    I hope you uderstand my question....Thanks agian....Sincerely, Jim

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