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Topic: Quantum HD?

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    Quantum HD?

    Quantum 9GB UDMA A/V HD

    anyone used this or know if suitable for GS.


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    Re: Quantum HD?


    I have a Quantum A/V drive in my work machine running GS fine. I did get some popping of Akai converted files but that was nothing to do with the drive.

    I am running Gigapiano with Larry Seyers Bass and it works nice.

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Quantum HD?

    Although some Quantum drives do or might work.
    We tend to stay away from them. We and also a high number of user\'s have experinced problems with them, mainly to do with pops and clicks. Nemesys made refrence to them
    causing pops and clicks in a previous read me text of gigasampler.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Quantum HD?

    be careful with quantum drives. I have a fast one with 10 Gb (fireball I guess), which performs really good on Audio and shows fine benchmarks, but not with GS - clicks and pops. Again, I have good experiences with maxtor drives.

    Be careful also with tests and benchmarks you find in mags and the net. They all don´t say anything about the real life performance of the drives. Also it is a farytale that scsi performs always better than U-DMA (exception: you use really fast drives like cheetahs or so, which are only available for U2W-scsi), and another hype is U-ATA 66.

    You have to know: For GS we need great data streaming performance, big data troughput, and fast seek times. Peak performance and internal max data rates are not of interrest, but they sound very impressive.

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    Re: Quantum HD?


    PaPa Chalk and Desound.

    I have not seen an update on your \"what weve tested\" for ages.

    GS does require particular drives and sound cards to work to its best performance. I do read quite a lot of new users who ask what sound cards what hard drives, motherboards etc etc...

    There really must be a collective agreement on what constitutes \"A Good Working GS System Setup\"

    I am thinking now about changing my hard drive but without Holgers experience and your comments on the Quantum, I wouldn\'t have thought about it..

    GS has been around for a while now so why is there no \"ideal set-up\" as far as what components need to be bought and looked for..

    I think I\'m on a soapbox now so I\'ll shut up.


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    Re: Quantum HD?

    The new Quantum KA series have had excellent reviews in a number of German Computer Magazines, leaving known high-end HDDs like IBM DJNA227200 well behind.
    This applies to overall average AND peak performance. One reason could be a certain sort of cache management. Could it be that exactly this special cache management does not harmonize with GS ?

    Who is using a Quantum KA with GS and can tell about experiences ?

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    Re: Quantum HD?

    I have just bought a Quantum 9.1 gb Fireball plus KA drive , and I can tell you it works great. My other drive an older quantum fireball 3.2 gig drive produced clicks occasionally with gigpiano but this new drive doesn\'t at all. I am only running at ata/33 becuase my motherboard only supports that even though the drive will do ata/66. The listed specs are 7200 rpm speed, 8.5 ms access time and I would reccomend it to people even though there may have been problems with older versions of the quantum drive

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    Re: Quantum HD?

    You boys are talking about drives like they are the be-all-and-end-all...it is of course but a mere cog in a larger system---yes the samples stream from the drive but there are other very important considerations like RAM and CPU speed...and little components---I have had bad experiences with certain motherboards and even certain video cards--why-ask Nemysis--but before you trash a drive make sure you know the whole story--like the use above I have found the Quantum drives to be excellent--I run three 9 gigs on an asus scsi based motherboard----strangely enough bios versions can also be a causer of problems--I was having some click issues which were resolved by some carefull system management rather than drive tossing!!!
    I have three giga systems and use the following drives:
    Quantum Fireball 9.1 gig x 4
    Quantum Viking UW SCSI 9 gig x2
    Have fun!!

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