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Topic: Few questions for GS users and GS team

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    Few questions for GS users and GS team

    Hi all,
    how do you record your midi tracks to audio?
    Can you record all midi tracks to separate audio tracks in vst at the same time?
    Do you use gigsampler capture option or SB Live\'s \'what you hear\' option?
    How good is your Live digital output (some rumors it\'s not that good)?
    Is S-converter really 100% succesful when it comes to converting AKAI files?

    Too many questions , sorry!

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    Re: Few questions for GS users and GS team

    1. yes, much better control over the sound
    2. yes with logic on a seperate PC
    3. No, recording works easier
    4. You mean soundblaster live? I heard something about -6 db is the max level on DA ... and i would not trust those cheap \"dream\"-DSP, I am shure that the digital output of cheap chards works really 1:1
    5. GS converter works good, but approx. 10% of looped samples will click, this differs between the CD-ROM´s. And it has a couple of little, strange bugs.

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    Re: Few questions for GS users and GS team

    If you get clicks in the loops when using S-converter, try re-converting with the merge l\\r unchecked. Some samples (Old akai classical choir for example) use different loops on the left and right side. Let me know if this improves the click loop situation

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