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Topic: audio files "dying" after a month of use?

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    audio files \"dying\" after a month of use?

    Ok this is weird...After removing my PCI modem everything is good. GS, Cubase, and Finale all work great no problems no crashes whatsoever. However when I just opened GS and played a couple of sounds everything was like in slow motion and down several octaves. Soooo I reinstalled GS and it still happens. So my next conclusion is that after a while of sounds sitting on your audio drive and defragmenting them every day that they get corrupt and malfunction. Has this happened to anyone else? If this does happen and it is just something that I did not know about what is the \"life expectancy\" of sounds residing on a seperate audio drive? Any other info on this topic would be appreciated.



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    Re: audio files \"dying\" after a month of use?

    seems to be a sync/wordcloxk error - if the soundcard you use with GS is adjusted to sync to an external source (e.g. WC, spdif or so) and no external clock is present, some cards will play nothing or hang up, some show this slow motion phenomen.

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    Re: audio files \"dying\" after a month of use?

    I take it you haven\'t imported new samples freshly into GS. The reason I ask, GS does get a bit crap when you import samples. I mean, in GSedit you can get a great sounding span of sounds set up and they are all playing on the correct note, but if you edit any of them externally, going back into GSedit, they always default back to their unity note, which often means whole swathes of slow-mo low playing samples.

    I guess you know this already. If it\'s not this then I agree with holger, sounds like a freq problem, to be precise, like your sound card is playing a 44khz wave at 22kHz. Maybe you imported sounds with a funny frequency into GS? Or check the frequency setting in the Configuration/ Outputs menu to make sure it says 44.1

    Another reason this can happen is if you have a strange driver set up. i.e. You have a 4 output soundcard, but you\'ve told the software there are only 2 outputs. I\'ve seen this do the slow-down thing too.


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    Re: audio files \"dying\" after a month of use?

    Be sure and check the sample rate settings in the output configurations page. It may be set to 32k or something.

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