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Topic: Computer hardware setup

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    Computer hardware setup

    What\'s a good, cheap processor by Intel that will give me full polyphony for the GS? I\'m looking to get a PIII 450, but it\'s a bit out of my price range for the moment.

    Also, at the moment, I only have a Pentium 200 with 160MB of RAM, i.e two SDRAM 64 MB blocks and two 16 MB block of the older type of RAM (I\'ve forgotten what it is called). If I put a second hard drive in and get an SB Live, will it be able to perform OK until I get a faster setup?

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    Re: Computer hardware setup

    Get a Abit Board with celeron 366 overclocked @ 560 MHz.

    Hot deal is a used celeron 300a (if you cen get one...)@450.

    I have a 300a@500 on a Tyan Tiger 100 Dual Board, performs great! But Abit is better for overclocking, more to adjust.

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    Re: Computer hardware setup

    You can check www.minotaur.com or www.pcnut.com.

    They used to offer Celeron 300a\'s which were pretested at 450MHz. But they may be sold out forever.

    In any case, lots of Cakewalkers are having success with the Abit mobo\'s and Celeron 366@550MHz. That\'s FAST! I wish I\'d done it!

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