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Topic: No Sound

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    No Sound

    I'm sure I'm just missing a setting somewhere. When I open GPO as a stand alone and load up an instrument, I don't get any sound when I play from my keyboard. The mod wheel is up. I get sound when I click on the on screen keyboard. When I play my keyboard, the on screen keyboard respends, yet there is no sound. Any thoughts?


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    Re: No Sound

    Hi Aric, that's a doozie!

    When you play your keyboard, the notes that you play will always show up on the on screen keyboard, regardless of the midi channel. It sounds to me like your keyboard is transmitting on a different midi chanel than the sound you have loaded.

    Just to make sure, do this....

    Load only one sound into the kontakt player, and load it into the first slot.
    By default, the first slot is always midi channel one.
    Make sure that your keyboard is set to transmit on midi channel one. If it is, you will have sound as long as the mod wheel is turned up some.

    You can change the midi channel of this instrument that is loaded into slot one by clicking on the midi channel, and you could go through all 16 midi channels to find out what channel your keyboard is transmitting on.

    I will be gone this evening, but if you want to pm me, I won't forget to check back here later tonight to get you going.


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    Re: No Sound

    DPDAN has very good suggestions. The only thing I would have to add is to make sure that you are playing notes on your keyboard that are within the natural range of the instrument you loaded. For example, if you loaded a violin and but played notes on your keyboard in the very low end of the keys, you would (depending on the size of your keyboard) most likely be below the range of the violin and no notes would sound. An easy way to make sure this is not happening is to load an instrument like the lite or full Steinway, which have a range of all 88 keys.

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    Re: No Sound

    Hi Jeff, I guess Nitrox32 figured out his problem....


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    Re: No Sound

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    Hi Jeff, I guess Nitrox32 figured out his problem....

    Problem solved. Thanks!

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    Re: No Sound

    Quote Originally Posted by nitrox32
    Problem solved. Thanks!
    How was the problem solved? Inquiring minds want to know

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