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Topic: keyboard split question

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    keyboard split question


    my keyboard doesn't have any split options.
    is it possible to create a split in GS3, for example for being able to play
    different Giga Symphony string samples on the same channel?

    how can I reduce the latency?

    Mainboard: ASUS A8V Deluxe WiFi
    CPU: Athlon 3000+ Winchester (Cool'n'Quiet disabled)
    HDD: Samsung SP1614N 160GB
    RAM: 1024MB Corsair CL2,5
    Soundcard: Audiophile 2496 --- BufferSize 256 at 44,1kHz
    Graphic: Asus GeForce FX 5700LE

    WinXP SP2
    Logic 5

    best regards

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    Re: keyboard split question

    You can stack as many instruments as you want on GS3. If you use two instruments that don't overlap, like tuba and flute, you will have a true split. If you use french horn and bassoon, you will get a mix on some keys.

    You could use the editor to remap the keys (regions) for some instruments, in case you wanted to create very specific mappings and octave changes without overlaps.

    It's easier to do on a keyboard with splits, but can be done with Giga. Once you've got a setup that you like, you can save the stacked instrument as a *.gsi file, and then you can call it up instantly. So, it's more work up front, but can work very efficently, once you have a good setup.


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    Re: keyboard split question

    Thank You Jon!

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