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Topic: Arabic Scales

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    Arabic Scales

    Iam not an "musically educated" person. I just have a good set of ears and too much time on my hands. Anyhoo....

    Theres a very eastern style of strings sound thats been bugging me for a while and I worked out it wasnt exotic instruments as such. I've just worked out that its probably due to the tuning been different. Arabic instruments (including violin) are tuned to 2-3-7-11-13 ratios

    Heres some data on how many cents of a western octave, the arabic notes are tuned to;
    0: 0.000000 unison, perfect prime
    1: 128.2983 2/3-tone
    2: 359.4725 tridecimal neutral third
    3: 498.0452 perfect fourth
    4: 626.3435
    5: 701.9553 perfect fifth
    6: 852.5924 undecimal neutral sixth
    7: 1119.463
    8: 1200.000 octave

    I was hoping for an easy way of tuning a GPO instruments notes to this scale but iam not sure it can be done. If someone does please tell!

    I have a tedious way though
    In FruityStudio:

    Open a piano roll score for a GPO instrument.

    on the one note line , make 8 instances of that note. changing the note colors helps reduce the confusion.

    the first note (#0 on the list above) doesnt need to be touched coz its meant to be in unison with the western octave.

    click the second note(#1). go to the note properties editor and set it to + 128 cents (or as close as fruity goes )

    ....The third note (#2) to 359 cents.....

    etc etc....

    till note #8 which is 1200 cents which is back in unison with the western octave.

    Clicking on any of those note and then making another note will duplicate all its properties so you can semi easily just grab arabian notes to use.

    Now. If you could even be bothered by this point you could make music.
    Grim Fandango explained jazz to me.

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    Re: Arabic Scales



    midi tools for different scales and tunings.

    hope this might be of help.

    mick ˇ c

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