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Topic: One or two machines to get professional?

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    One or two machines to get professional?

    This is for Papa Chalk.
    I got your configuration!
    Maxtor 8.4 Udma, 128mb ram, Asus p 2b, but Celeron 300a? and overclocked? You don\'t be afraid to burn your processor? I think it isn\'t recomended. Why dont use a pentium 2 400? And for the last: can i get the same with Aark 20/20 and/or Sound Blaster AWE 64 Gold?

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    Many MANY people are using overclocked Celeron 300a\'s (and now Celeron 366\'s overclocked to 550 MHZ!!!) with no problems.

    You can even buy the Celerons overclocked and pretested.

    I lacked courage and bought a P2 400...I could have saved alot going with a Celeron.
    If I build a dedicated Giga machine, I won\'t hesitate to overclock.

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    I think capital letters isn\'t nice, ok?
    But if you like,you was very VERY fast to answer a piece of my question.But not at all. I asked about to get the same with Aark 20/20 and Sound Blaster AWE 64 Gold.

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    And for remembering, the way Papa Chalk and many others are using Giga and Audio in the same machineosted07-15-1999 12:16 AM \"I find GigaSampler to be the easiest sampler I\'ve ever worked with. As far as needing a second PC to work gigasampler with
    I personally don\'t think its needed. I and many other of my associates do not have any problems using gigasampler in the same pc as
    my sequencer (cubase vst3.7) in fact I will be upping a demo soon showing the power
    of GigaSampler with cubase vst. We\'ve have been able to have 32 tracks of vocals 16
    channels of gigasampler running at the same time while recording. What sound card(s)
    are we using? Gina and a SB live.\"

    So, about this: Gina isn\'t multiclient card.
    Not only Gina, but, Darla, and Layla isn\'t too.
    Or, if you are working in a sequencer with midi, you can\'t use the audio outs in other application. Aark can do this. I\'m not a sender. I\'m only i luck musician because i bought Aark when this card was the first audio card to work with giga in multiple audio\'s outputs. And now i know; flexibility, your name is Aark. You can work in sequencer,you can adress others outputs to work with audio, and edit audio in SoundForge(for an example), with others Aark outputs.
    Ok, you will ask me: \"If you know all of this, why you send a question about the way to use audio and midi in the same machine?\"
    Because, it\'s impossible to do this without clicks and pops. After one minute, the pops begins.
    And you MR. Papa Chalk and Others are doing this with a non multiclient card! How can you do this? Really! Or i\'ll need to by a second PC.

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    edmundo, you are right. When you want to use GS in a professional way, the presently only solution is to give GS it´s own PC and a AARK. All other things are hype or future. Nevertheless, If I only do a few audio tracks and/or GS voices it may work togheter with VST on a single machine. If you really like to work with VST...

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    It\'s not impossible with our setup Edmundo. If you notice in my setup I use the Sound blaster live not the awe64 gold and we also have a Gina installed if you have heard the demo songs I upload there was no pops or clicks. the SoundBlaster live is a multiclient Sound card it works seamless with Gigasampler and Cubase Vst together. The Gina is assigned to Vst and the live to Gigasampler the Sb live can work alone with Giga Sampler and Cubase Vst with no pops. We\'ve tested it on many different systems and get the same results. I have an asus p2b 128mb ram a celeron 300a overclocked to 450mhz a regular PII 400 gives the same results. In previous experience any pops and clicks I had before were hard drive related. The drive was not fast enough dma was not check marked or drivers for the sound device was loaded incorrectly.

    As far as I can say the setup up we use on one computer at our studio now works seamless for months now. Our PEAVEY 36 TRACK 16X16 BOARD and hardware samplers are collecting dust.

    PaPa Chalk

    [This message has been edited by PaPa Chalk (edited 07-20-1999).]

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    Thank you Holger and Papa Chalk. I\'m trying to get the same with Sound Blaster AWE 64 Gold and Aark. I really don\'t know if this is possible. I have one more question about the Papa Chalk config. iS about HD you are using.
    I\'m looking for and i got this kind:
    Hard Disk Maxtor, 8.4 UDMA HD 3.5LP 9MS 5400RPM about U$195,00 here in Brasil.
    That\'s the same you have? I think 5400 RPM isn\'t fast enough but, you probably much more than i. If you can help me, i really want to fix definetely this question. Or, by another machine. But first i need to try! Thanks a lot once more,
    Edmundo, Săo Paulo, SP, Brasil.

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    maxtor diamond 17 Gb 5400 rpm working very good on my system.

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    That\'s the same drive I use, and it\'s great for Giga and for digital audio in general.

    I have 2 of them.

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    Re: One or two machines to get professional?

    After reading this thread, I want to make a statement:
    If you put VW tires on a Ferrari, you won\'t get lucky.

    Same with GS: It\'s a highend product and needs highend hardware to run perfect.
    My expierence with GS is: Only the best is good enough. Without that, you always have to compromise.
    Keep that in mind, then it\'s not neccessary to set up GS on a dedicated machine.


    P.S.: I have paid ca. US$ 8.000.-- only for my hardware setup.

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