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Topic: Help with lag in midi timing......

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    Help with lag in midi timing......

    I use an external sequencer to play Gigasampler(Yamaha RM1X). When I play a sequence with just the Gigasampler everything sounds fine. BUT, when I play other synths and the Gigasmapler too, GIGA lags behind my other synths just a tiny bit. So, for example, if I have a bass drum playing on the Gigasampler and a bass drum playing on my Orbit at the same time from my sequencer, the orbit plays just ahead of the Gigasampler. So no matter what I play, Gigasampler lags behind everything else. I\'m using 2 HD\'s. The drive with the Gigs is a Maxtor Diamond Max. 9.0 milliseconds access time. Shouldn\'t this be fast enough to get rock solid timing, or would this even be my problem? I\'ve tried 2 different midi interfaces. Both MIDIMAN: WINMAN 2x2 ISA, and PCS 1x1 Serial Port interface. Both respond exactly the same. I have 128 meg RAM and a P 233 MMX. I was told my processor should only cut back on polyphony, which is no big deal. If anyone has ANY suggestions I would really be greatful. This has put a huge dent into my setup, rendering Gigasampler virtually useless without rock solid timing. Thanks everyone.

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    Re: Help with lag in midi timing......

    hi warp,

    i am shure you use GS with a direct X card and stereo out. The quality of direct X drivers differs between the cards and is typically 5 to 20 ms. On my AARK 2020 with special GS drivers the latancy is under 5 ms, if I layer drums GS comes first! And I have the experience that multiple notes play nearly similarly on GS.

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