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Topic: Questions about system specs

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    Questions about system specs

    I was reading the FAQ at Nemesys\' web site, and it says that 256MB of RAM allows 1250 stereo samples to be loaded.

    This still isn\'t enough to have a full orchestra on hand, right?

    What is the best way to make use of a huge arsenal of samples?

    Also, at what point does CPU speed not matter? I have a P2-400. What aspects of Gigasampler are limited by CPU speed?

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    Re: Questions about system specs

    hey mitch, with 512 Mb RAM you shouldn´t have problems any longer...
    With a P233 and celerons 64 voices ain´t no problem, so I guess 128 voices should be possible with a P400 (the HD may be the problem...)

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    Re: Questions about system specs

    So, CPU and hard drive limits polyphony, and ram limits how many instruments can be loaded at once?

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    Re: Questions about system specs


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    Re: Questions about system specs

    Hey Mr. Holger! How can you get this? When i asked Dave Govett about polyphony he never said it! And if polyphony are limited by the cpu and hd, why my pentium 2, 300mmx, with 128 mb ram, an adaptec 2940 UWS controller and two hds, one ide for the OS (with 4.5)and the other, an Ultra Wide SCSI Cheetah 9.1, can\'t do more then 64 notes of polyphony?
    I\'m agree with the number of samples. More memory ram, more samples to be loaded. It\'s ok! But, polyphony?...

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    Re: Questions about system specs

    I think, there\'s a definitive statement neccassary.
    I too run a machine with PII-450 and three U2W IBM-DDRS HD\'s and never got more then 64 voices.
    Dave, we want to hear you.


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    Re: Questions about system specs

    you all get me a little bit wrong:

    RAM size limits number (not length!) of samples to be loaded at once (because RAM is a cache for the samples) and the CPU limits polyphony in that way, that a old P200´MMX p.ex. can only play 32 voices and a gerneration one P2 limuits to approx. 48 voices. Of course no processor can realize more then 64 voices, because GS reduces the maximum polyphony internal. So a P266 performs as good as a new P3550. Why? Because you can get voice expansions - for extra money.

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