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Topic: Clicks and Pops, someone please help

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    Clicks and Pops, someone please help

    I am getting alot of clicks and pops using the GigaPiano (light or full). I have a P2-333 with 128MB Ram. I have a Maxtor (5400, 512k, 9ms) in 3 partitions: Apps/Win98, VST audio, and GS instruments. I get these clicks and pops without loading anything else, no VST, no apps, nothing. The resource meter within GS is well into the green so I don\'t think it is a RAM issue. I investigated the DMA check box within the Hard Drive settings and my system does 50 times better with it unchecked. I am thinking about getting another HD dedicated to GS, possibly a 7200rpm, but don\'t want to waste the money if I am going to get the same results. Is there something else I can try in my system configuration, or is another HD the only way to go? And, will a new HD totally fix my system or not?

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    Re: Clicks and Pops, someone please help

    hi alDigi,

    My GS sytem runs 2 IDE diamond Max 17 Gb (5400/512) and performs great.

    generally: Use a second disc for system and data. Discs should be not partitioned for max performance.


    - what soundcard do you use? Bad dirX drivers are the death of any GS system.
    - BIOS: Ultra DMA / PIO mode 4 active ? CD-ROM on seperate IDE channel
    - try to deactivate virtual memory
    - AGP graphics card installed? PCI cards (Matrox!!) often have PCI redraw results in audio clicking
    - any add multimedia/Internetdrivers/tools active, virusscanner active? Norton in background?
    - Are the NATIVE drivers for your board´s IDE connector installed?
    - Bus/CPU frecuency o.k ?
    - do you run on a quality board (Tyan, ASUS, Abit) or noname? Nonames are up to 50% slower with the same CPU and often have bad data throughput?

    I hope something of this list hits your problem!

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    Re: Clicks and Pops, someone please help

    hi donnie,

    It´s really a dream machine you have. Sounds like massive directX driver problems. Presently it seems to be there is only one card performing perfect: aark 2020. DirX cards might perform well, but it is to much voodoo in directX - imagine it is developed for game purposes, and it is from microsoft! But even the event cards cause too many problems presently, problems have grown with the latest drivers.

    Additional: you are right, generally 2 settings for virtual memory are good: off and twice the physical RAM min AND max. The last is the better, windows without virtual memory often runs out of memory even with 256 or more Mb (hi billy, really good work!...)

    hi al,

    after starting your machine hit \"delete\" and you step into the BIOS settings. But, please - don´t do anything if you not really shure what you do!

    putting DVD on another channel might fix your problem. Try it!

    performance on my system: GS great, reduced polyphony when mixing mono/stereo samples (fixed in 1.6) and layered sounds (also fixed, says dave)
    Editor is too buggy at the moment for nice work feeling, important functions missing. Will be fixed.
    Performing Piano lite and big AO sets works fine, but GS generally tends to cut releases with a slight click sometimes. It is better to record complex, voice consuming phrases to DAW for editing and mixing.
    I use and enjoy GS for fast sound acess, great for fast arranging and layouting
    When I use GS, the whole PC is a sampler for me - no additional apps running.

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    Re: Clicks and Pops, someone please help


    That is interesting that you said that about the directx problems. Sometimes when I run norton system check it will find lots of direct x problems and then fix them. Is this good? Also I am about to get new soundcard, any adivce? I am seriously thinking about the gina because it is about to be multiclient and with gs 1.6 all the bugs are susposed to be worked out. What do you think?


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    Re: Clicks and Pops, someone please help


    Thanks for the wonderful list of things to watch out for. Here is my current setup:

    PIII 550
    256 megs of ram
    2 13.5 gig hard drives 7200 rpm w/2mb cache
    soundblaster pci 64 (I know I am going to change this VERY soon).

    I do have norton running in the background as I didn\'t know that it could cause problems. I turned virtual memory down to a min/max. of 250mb on my c: drive and that seemed to get rid of most of my pops. Is it mainly the soundcard to blame for my audio and playback problems? I am going to disable virtual memory of my d: drive today so maybe that sound help even more. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Clicks and Pops, someone please help


    Thanks alot, I am going to try the things you mentioned. I use the SB Live, and updated the dirX drivers last week. I have the ATI All-In-Wonder Pro AGP 8mb, and an Asus P2B-LS so I don\'t think the graphics card or motherboard is a problem.

    Where do I check the Bus/CPU frequency? BIOS?
    Does putting the DVD/CDrom on the secondary IDE bus help?

    Personal Questions:
    1.How does GS perform on your system?

    2.You said you have to Maxtor 17/5400/512s, but what is your PU/RAM/motherboard/soundcard/etc situation?

    3.I know you are the famed AO programmer, can
    you run the majority of AO along with GigaPiano on your system without clicks or other problems?

    4.Do you run any Hard Disk Audio apps (cubase, paris, cakewalk, etc) simultaneously with GS?


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    Re: Clicks and Pops, someone please help

    hi donnie,

    be careful with norton. The tool is great but not everything norton does makes sense, and in case of special installations like GS systems it may destruct well working structures! E.G. norton speed disc will kill your registration from disc!

    About Event: Again, too many problems are reportet this time, and we all know what it means if programmers say: This will be fixed. Can be tomorrow, can be 2001...
    GS works great with the AARK 2020, this card performs excellent from the start, is multiclient. timing is great and it is available NOW - if you need a solution that works, that´s it. And 5 or 6 seperate stereo outs - both is not enough for professional mixdown.

    The upcomiong options mixtreame and pulsar within weeks might work. But I don´t know if the GS 1.6 and mixtreame-hype is reasonable, There is no working system to check yet.

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    Re: Clicks and Pops, someone please help

    The upcomiong options mixtreame and pulsar within weeks might work. But I don´t know if the GS 1.6 and mixtreame-hype is
    reasonable, There is no working system to check yet.

    The mixtream works real well! Everyone will see for themselves very soon

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    Re: Clicks and Pops, someone please help

    Hey Everyone,

    I just got a Maxtor 20.4GB 7200rpm, it works great! No more problems with the GigaPiano for me. Thanks everyone, especially Holger and Dave.

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