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Topic: Can't Authorize 2nd RMX Install : (

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    Can't Authorize 2nd RMX Install : (


    I had classic Stylus on my 1st computer and when I upgraded to RMX, it credited me for a second full install, which it wasn't, only an upgrade.

    On my second computer I tried to install RMX (that did not have classic in the first place) and it wont accept the challenge code. On this machine I selected upgrade (again) even though it was not an upgrade but a full install.

    Would this have anything to do with why it wont take the authorization?



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    Re: Can't Authorize 2nd RMX Install : (

    two things:
    1) rmx is NOT an upgrade to stylus classic, it is a completely different instrument that they have included the core loops from stylus.

    2) the challenge response is specific for each computer, so if you install it on a new computer you need to go back to spectrasonics site to get a new challenge response.

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    Re: Can't Authorize 2nd RMX Install : (

    In a "Challenge/Response" system, the "Challenge" code is created based on some type of "fingerprint" of a particular computer (the type of processor, amount of RAM, Computer ID, etc.). The idea is that Challenge code is unique to a specific computer, which "locks" the usage to that computer.

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    Re: Can't Authorize 2nd RMX Install : (


    You should have a different registration number for Stylus RMX. When you go to authorize it on the Spectrasonics web site go to the RMX registration and not the stylus registration page. You should have two serial numbers, one for stylus and one for RMX.

    Hope this helps



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