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Topic: More on Macs and Clicks

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    More on Macs and Clicks

    I try to use GPO with Digital Performer. I have a Powerbook 15, 1.33 ghz, running 10.3.8. I have 1.5 gb of ram. My DP is the latest version, as is my GPO player.

    The following has happened to me twice. I start loading instruments and notes, trying small orchestral -- but conserving as much as possible. 1 instrument for flute (polyphony set to 2), same for ob, cl, bn, hn (4 notes for this), tp, tbn, vn (polyphony at 3, for vn 1 and 2), va, vc, cb. For percussion, I have used the orchestral combo, and limited polyphony to 3 notes.

    I use the ambience plugin, and set the cpu quality setting to 10%.

    Things go along fine for a while. No crackles. Then, as numbers of players increase and density increases, I start to get a crackle or two. Last time, things were going smoothly until I tried to put in a suspended cymbal cresc. roll.

    Here is the weird thing: once the crackles are in, they DON'T GO AWAY, even if I remove instruments, remove the ambience plugin, restart, clean out parameter ram, open the file again. Once a file gets crackles, it keeps them.

    I am beginning to despair that I won't be able to use GPO for anything other than chamber music UNTIL NI RELEASES ITS OSX PLAYER FOR GPO. I know they have a new sample player out, optimised for Mac OSX. I am praying that the GPO player based on that will come soon!

    Has anyone had the same experience that I have had with crackles coming in and then NEVER going away, even with removed instruments?

    Does anyone have advice? Gary G? Are you reading this? Can you help?

    David Froom

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    Re: More on Macs and Clicks

    Check your Energy Saver preferences. There is a tab labeled "options" - look for the Processor Performance setting and select "Highest". Anything else will cause crackles with DP and VIs. You may need to toggle it back to automatic or reduced for better battery life when you are doing other tasks with your PowerBook.

    In DP's Hardware Setup, select Work Priority: Medium and maybe even set host multiplier to 2. There are some rumors that this can help performance even if you are using a single audio device. Of course latency/buffer size affects CPU performance - if you have your parts recorded and tweaked, you can raise the buffer size considerably to allow better reverb or other plugins to be employed when you mix down.

    Don't hold your breath for better OSX/PowerPC optimization from NI.


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