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Topic: Banks?

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    I\'ve used Gigastudio for a while, but just realized I\'m missing something. What exactly comprises a Bank? Looking at the Loaded Instrument window, I see it alongside Port, Inst, channels etc. I\'ve always loaded individual patches and every inst., in every port, channel reads 0.

    How does one access and change the Bank#? Why would you?

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    Re: Banks?

    A Bank can contain up to 128 Instruments. The number of Banks is almost unlimited (over 65,000). You would need additional Banks to have more than that in a single gig file. You would also use Banks+Programs to create a unique instruments IDs. So, if you have many sound libraries, containing 1000s of instruments and variations of instruments, they can each have a unique Bank/Program number, so that you can always call them from you sequencer in the same way.

    Use the GS Editor to work with Banks.

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