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Topic: Newbie question: How to make Halion sound ?

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    Newbie question: How to make Halion sound ?

    Hi all,
    I just installed The Steinberg VST Collection. All of the intruments (The Grand,The Virtual Guitarist,The Groove Agent, and The D'cota) sound good in Sonar but not the Halion. I don't know what happen to the Halion . I can load the sounds from the Composer Set but I can't make them sound . Please help . Thank you

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    Re: Newbie question: How to make Halion sound ?

    Hey, welcome aboard.

    Before anyone here can help you, we're gonna need more information:

    What sequencer are you using? What computer platform are you using? (Mac/PC) How is Halion running, standalone or as a plug? What soundcard are you using? How have you got the audio on Halion configured in the Preferences pane? It's really not possible to figure out what the root of your problem is without knowing the answers to at least some of these questions.

    In general, when you post on one of these forums asking for help, you'll get it fastest and most effectively if you can give as much detailed info about your situation as possible. That way the folks who have similar situations and lots of experience can recognize the problem and give you the best answers they have.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Newbie question: How to make Halion sound ?

    Hi, I use a Dell PC P4 2.66 . Sequencer: Sonar. Audio card:M-Audio Audiophile 24/96. I use Halion SE as a plug. This is a "light" version ,I don't think it can be used as a stand alone. This Halion SE version is one of the "Virtual Instruments Collection". This collection has Virtual Guitarist SE,The Grand SE, Groove Agent SE, D'cota SE & Halion SE. As a plug in Sonar, all of the instruments sound good but not the Halion. Someting is missing here and I really don't know much about this new world. I've been trying to find out why the Halion SE doesn't produce any sound but I still don't know it yet. Any idea? Thank you

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    Re: Newbie question: How to make Halion sound ?

    You probably need to set it up to find the content. Check your documentation on how to point HALion to the place where the sounds have been installed.
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    Re: Newbie question: How to make Halion sound ?

    I can load programs that have extension".fxp" to midi channel. I can see them there. But when I play them there is no sound come out. Strange !!!

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    Re: Newbie question: How to make Halion sound ?

    Do you have an input in Sonar established to recieve the sound? I don't use Sonar, but in my sequencer (Digital Performer) I have to set up a specific audio input (called and 'instrument track' in DP) in order for the sequencer to get the audio. After that I have to assign the output of the instrument track to an audio output that I can hear.

    Also check your output options in Halion. See what channels you have assigned to Halion's output.

    Check your Sonar manual for 'Virtual Instruments' and see if it offers instruction on how to route the audio output of a VI.

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