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Topic: To all pianists here: How close?

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    Smile To all pianists here: How close?

    how close to the real thing would you think is this?

    A little Beethoven:

    Some Chopin:

    And this is the midi from the latest comparison (no changes at all, no reverb):

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    Re: To all pianists here: How close?


    I love the balance between bass and treble in the Chopin. (The Beethoven, to my ears, has too much volume in the treble.) How did you achieve the bass/treble balance in the Chopin?

    I'm using Bardstown Audio Bosendorfer samples. So far, even using Halion to manually lower the bass notes' volume doesn't reduce them to the level that I really want in many sections of the song I recorded.

    If you have time, please go to http://www.garglingpelicanmusic.biz/ In c.45 seconds of listening, you'll hear what, for my ears, is a too-prominent bass.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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