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Topic: Sample Formats

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    Sample Formats

    I\'m totally new to the Giga Sampler and want to save wav files that I\'ve edited in Sample Wrench in the .gig format.

    How do i do it - it\'s baffling me and I don\'t know anyone who uses Giga Sampler who i can ask! I feel so dumb!

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    Re: Sample Formats

    Just go into the INSTRUMENT EDITOR and open
    a NEW File in the File-Dropdown-Menue.

    Lower-left Corner (Default-Sample-Group) - rightclick
    on it to get the Context-Menue \'Import Samples\'.

    Select your \'*.wav\'-Files in the File Select Box.

    Then create a Region by rightclicking the Region-Map
    (on the right side of the screen) and assign
    your waves to the regions (Drag & Drop).

    If your waves are Stereo - you have to change
    each region from Mono to Stereo with the
    STEREO/MONO-Button right under the Velocity-Map
    in the lower-middle of the screen.

    Then save it - and that\'s your GIG-File....

    Hope that helps


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