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Topic: Gigastudio on G5

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    Gigastudio on G5

    Hello friends,

    I just purchased a Protools HD Accel 2 system on a G5 and was wondering if any of you had any recommendations regarding what is currently the best way to be able to run Gigastudio files on the G5 in my situation. I already have one dedicated Gigastudio PC but was hoping to be able to run more Gigastudio instruments on the G5 without purchasing additional PCs. I know people have succesfully ran Gigastudio files on the MAC before...Kontakt? EXS? Mach 5? I would assume I would need additional hard drives to make this work. With the power of the G5, I\'m hoping to be able to get quite a bit of tracks off of it!

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    Re: Gigastudio on G5

    Not going to happen ...

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    Re: Gigastudio on G5

    Just convert the gigafiles using your sampler of choice...EXS in Logic, or Kontakt in whichever sequencer you are using. Some libraries probably convert more readily than others and some may require minor tweaking for detailed features like cross fades etc. But you should be able to get a lot of mileage with your G5 and converted gigafiles. There are lots of threads on the forum regarding conversion of various libraries and using various softsamplers...do a search, look around.

    Good luck,


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