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Topic: Will this do ??

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    Will this do ??

    Hello All. I'm a newbie. When I first heard the audio clips of the GPO my head was blown.. (in fact I stayed up all night flicking through them). I didn't know it was possible to do that for the price. It's turned me on to the whole gigastudio setup. I have a mac (cubase) setup but I'm buying a PC just to run Gigastudio3 / GPO etc.. (Symphony of Voices is next on my hitlist !) Which brings me to my lil question. Will this computer be ok to run everything smoothly ? (latency / seek time etc)




    I know there is a lot of computer advice in previous threads which has been great, but I can't find one that says BUY THIS ONE !! It will work great for everything.. I will cram the computer full of RAM, but apart from that, I'm lost..... I don't have the technical mind to build my own or anything like that.
    I'm quite happy just to buy one ready made.

    Any advice or recommendations will be excellent. I don't want to buy something that will be not suitable.


    c o l d c r u s h e r

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    Re: Will this do ??

    As far as capabilities are concerned, you need to take into consideration that there's no 'pro-sumer' sound card in this thing, just the generic built in soundcard on the motherboard. You will most likely have to replace this, especially if you want to use the computer for Gigastudio.

    I would also recommend getting an additional hard drive. And as you know, the more RAM the better. I can't say anything about the quality of the machine since I'm not familiar with PC's by this manufacturer (Philips), but the specs are okay except for those few things I mentioned above.

    My advice - Stay as far away from Packard Bell as you can get.

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    Re: Will this do ??

    Hi Coldcrusher,

    There's a lot of info in this thread that might help you.


    Good Luck,

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    Re: Will this do ??

    Thanks for that... I forgot to mention that I'll be using a MOTU PCI-424 card with it.

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