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Topic: symphony of voices

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    symphony of voices

    I currently use Sampletank as my main sampler. It's supposed to be able to read Akai S1000 samples, so it should be able to read symphony of voices right? Has anyone used this combination? Also, does anyone know the cheapest place to find symphony of voices? Thanks.

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    Re: symphony of voices

    I have Symphony of Voices. I bought it from http://www.ilio.com/ several years ago.

    I believe that it's AKAI 1000 format. I'm not 100% sure because I have an Akai 5000, so there is a possibility that it's AKAI5000/6000 format but I don't believe thats the case.

    It's a great choir collection.


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    Re: symphony of voices

    You can always use CDXtract (or whatever) to convert it to another format. I picked up the AKAI version and converted it to SF2 and GIGA.. though I think I like the SF2 ones better, because they don't require a big bulky sampler to use

    Wonderful library, don't regret the purchase (from B&H Photo, Video, Pro-Audio) for a second.

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