Here\'s a stumper:
When I try to load third-party samples, Giga studio stops recognizing all of my hard drives -- permanently!

I\'ve been pulling out the limited resources of my hair -- anyone know a remedy?

My system:

AMD 2500+ Barton Core
AOpen AK79D-VN N-Force2 motherboard (onboard sound disabled in hardware profile)
Aardvark 24/96
512 MB PC2700 SDRAM
Main Drive: Seagate Barracuda IV ATA 7200
Secondary Drive Maxtor DiamondMax + 9 ATA 7200
AOpen DVD drive
AOpen CD R/W drive
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
Direct X 9
Gigastudio 32
Various soundsample libraries -- giga/aiff/wav formats

On install, the drives are recognized; on updating the instruments, drives C&D disappear and I get a \"locked page file\" memory error (blue screen of death.

It goes without saying, as with everyone here I\'m sure, I\'ve spent a LOT of time and cash on getting this rig built (3 YEARS of scrimping and saving!)

I hope somebody can help.