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Topic: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

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    Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    I can't seem to understand why these don't exist. I've been using a simple soundfont, Florestan Martellato Strings, for this type of sound, and it's not even 6mb. Yet it EASILY beats out the marcato/martellato strings of every library I've used or heard. Here's a clip of what I'm talking about (using a riff from the MGS2 main theme).


    First sample used is the Florestan Martellato soundfont with a tiny bit of EQ and reverb. Second one is a layer of QLSO Gold marcato/martellato sounds to get the 'biggest' sound possible. Didn't work at all.

    Does anyone know where I might find this type of heavy, aggressive, and powerful string articulation, outside of this 6MB soundfont? It's driving me nuts!

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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    Prosonus has short bows that would penetrate a kevlar vest. Too bad the rest of the lib isn't so great.

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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    As I am stuck in the trailer world, I often use aggressive marcato string sounds. If you play with combinations of all the short strings in EWQLSO, you can find very effective combinations. If you have Platinum, you can use the close mics which bite perfectly.

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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    Where can I get those soundfont strings? Can you post a link?
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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    VSL has staccato strings that are too aggressive, even for me..!


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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    midphase, you will find those soundfont strings at www.sf2midi.com.


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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    I'm almost certain that first sample in your demo is originally from the Roland Orchestral String library. I still use it all the time. Thanks again Eric Pershing!


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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    Quote Originally Posted by scores4film
    I'm almost certain that first sample in your demo is originally from the Roland Orchestral String library.
    It is the good old Roland Marcatos.. too bad it's only one layer and no up/down strokes . The sound is still great imo.

    Btw, I'm pretty sure that all 'free' string ensemble soundfonts out there are samples from sample-libraries or old pcm synthesizers. I doubt that someone would hire an orchestra to record and give away for free.


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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like if you were to turn down the 'verb release samples, sharpen the envelope, and boost the high end a bit on the EWQLSO samples, you could get them to emit a pretty similarly energetic gesture to that of the soundfont.

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    Re: Powerful marcato/martellato strings?

    Definitely you can edit either the soft-envelope inside a sampler, or with sample libraries which are unencrypted/protected, you can simply export the waveforms and apply an envelope to custom-make a more aggressive sound (funny how this was something that one could take completely for granted before the insanity of content copy protection).

    At any rate, the thing to keep in mind is to not just consider samples an out-of-box experience. Through very easy editing techniques, you can do so much to customize a library.

    Another trick I just thought of--Waves TransX is a multiband transient altering plugin especially designed to enhance (or subdue) attack transients within a finished track. I have used it only for rhythm section processing (does wonders for a too-mushy bass track), but I'll bet it would work very well for making a string line more aggressive. It only affects the number of milliseconds into an attack that you specify, so it is very transparent in use. It has performed its "magic" before the brain can actually detect what has been done.

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