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Topic: unable to alocate memory?

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    unable to alocate memory?


    loading one instuments is fine, but when i try to load a secondone it says. \'unable to alocate memory..
    i thought it uses the harddrive as memory. not my ram.
    can someone help me out?


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    Re: unable to alocate memory?

    I don\'t have Sonar, but I\'ve used VSampler for two years now, and can offer this much. It\'s excellent in many ways (its interface, its handling of Akai disks and files), and not where they want it in others:

    1. Like Kontakt, it has to decompress Giga files, so you\'ll need plenty of hard disk space to use it for Giga files.
    2. Giga conversions were not seamless in the previous edition. They should be improved now, but I\'d look to the other people who\'ve had experience with the latest version.
    3. This version, unlike the previous version, doesn\'t support streaming\\Direct from Disk for Giga libraries. The makers promise this will come in the next month or two, and they tend not to make promises they don\'t keep.
    4. VSampler is very good at importing Akai sounds. It will read original Akai disks from your cd-rom drive and recognize all the partitions and settings. Nice feature. (Kontakt forces you to load the partitions and samples on your hard drive, and I for one have had trouble with it placing samples in odd places.)
    5.The VSampler interface, to me, is the best of any softsampler. Gives you much more control over the amp and filter envelopes than anyone else and it uses tabs to let you move from screen to screen, instead of those terrible little buttons in Kontakt. On the other hand, it has fewer filters available. No 2-pole filters, last time I looked.
    6. Excellent sound quality.
    7. The entire product seems to be the creation of two people at VSampler.com. There\'s a forum, and they respond regularly to input (although lately they\'ve busy getting this latest version out.)They often ask for input about what features are wanted, or which layout is preferred. They seem to be always improving VSampler, clearly know their stuff, and are straightforward.

    If you don\'t end up using VSampler for every project, I still hope you\'ll take some time to explore it. Very good in many ways. If its giga import and disk streaming were where they want it to be, this would be the program to beat.

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    Re: unable to alocate memory?

    (Sorry-I posted a reply to the wrong message. Please remove the above post.)

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    Re: unable to alocate memory?

    Tell us about your set up, e.g. your computer, hard drives (do they run at 7200 rpm), amount of ram, soundcard, OS, etc.

    Giga needs a lot of ram.

    How much ram do you have installed?

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