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Topic: GS and Logic

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    GS and Logic

    Is it possible to run the outputs of the GS
    straight into the Logic desk and use Logics effects?

    Can this be done internally?

    This would seemingly solve the effects issue.

    regards (sorry about all the questions)


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    Re: GS and Logic

    You can use the Capture to wave feature of the full version of GigaSampler to digitally and internally capture 16 or 24 bit wave files. You can also make a physical connection if you have the right hardware and configuration and can get Logic Audio and the GigaSampler working together with audio recording. A good effect option will be the Mixtream card and eventually other DSP cards that will hook into the GigaSampler InterFace.
    Have fun
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: GS and Logic

    Yes. But why not multipul internal routings, like Virtula Audio Cable? or ReWire.

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