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Topic: Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0

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    Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0

    Well I am reading some great praise for Sonar 3.0 but I am curious about the new Cubase SX 2.0 version and how it compares?

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    Re: Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0

    I\'m writing a review for SX 2 right now - probably see it in a few weeks after fact checking with Steinberg.

    I\'ve used Cakewalk software before, but never Sonar. I like SX 2 (and Nuendo 2) quite a bit, and would never consider changing.

    Check out the documentation for Cubase SX 2 and give it some thought.

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    Re: Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0


    I\'ve only used Sonar products...I\'ve seen Cubase but never toyed with it..Cakewalk products seem to be improving each time and are truly worth significant upgrade costs to me.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0

    Thanks for the replies. Most of my recent music I\'ve composed using version 1 Cubase SX and I like it for the most part. Sonar 3.0 looks great plus the extras it comes with are nice. What I need though is rock solid VST support, although most of my instruments are DXi too...Kontakt, Absynth...etc.
    Just curious, Cubase seems to fair better with latency on softsynths. How is Sonar with this and also with CPU usage? Intuitive midi editing is also important.

    Any input would be appreciated.



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    Re: Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0


    I\'m running a load of DXI\'s and or VST\'s with Sonar 3.0 Producer and Kontakt among others with a 3.2ghz PIV HT and 2 Gigs DDR PC 3200..

    No problem at all..CPU stays at about 14% really loaded up..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0

    For me the measure of a good sequencer is how quickly you can enter and modify notes, since that\'s where nost of the time is spent. The secondary tasks need to be intuitive, since they\'re done rarely and not quickly learned.

    For repetitive tasks, the best (fastest, though not quickly learned) solution is to use the keyboard rather than the mouse. Second best is mouse control where the mode of the mouse automatically changes depending upon its location - it essentially knows what you are trying to do. The worst implementation is where you have to click on a mode button, go to a note, take an action, then slide over to the mode buttons again, click for another mode, etc.

    Given this I like Sibelius the best. (Sure it\'s a notation device, not a sequencer. But it\'s valid for note entry and modification.) After that I like Sonar. (Grab the middle of a note and slide it up/down. Grab the left-hand side and change its position. Grab the right-hand side and change its duration.) I didn\'t like Cubase - it suffers the curse of the mode buttons.

    So my process is to compose with Sibelius, and edit waveforms in Cakewalk Home 7(!). I mix in Vegas/ACID. If/when I update my sequencer it will likely be to Sonar, rather than Cubase, purely based on the UI for note entry & mods. I figure that both Sonar and Cubase are so far past my old CWH7, that they would both go far beyond my needs feature-wise.

    But for now my meager music budget is still seeking libraries. I\'ve got more than a few on my wish list.

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    Re: Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0

    Originally posted by Edward:
    What I need though is rock solid VST support,
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hey Ed,

    You know Steinberg invented VST right? If that is the area you are most in need of stability/compatibility, why not go with the native sequencer?

    I have Cubase SX and love it to death... seriously, check out the documentation link above and spend some time with the manual. It\'s a solid app.


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    Re: Sonar 3.0 vs Cubase SX 2.0

    Also see my Cubase SX 2 review linked in the Sample Libraries Discussion Forum. It is lengthy and may shed some light.

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