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Topic: String runs in this... (how to program)

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    String runs in this... (how to program)


    This is from the old Wing Commander 3 game, (you know when they still used midi) and I was just wondering what the best most efficient method way of making string runs like in this piece. Its not so evident at the very beginning, but let it run a bit and you'll see what I mean.

    I mean I can think of a few ideas. Slow the tempo down and play it in slowly. That, or step edit the whole thing and tweak it to make it sound less quantised. I checked the midi file and the lengths vary so its not quantised...

    Maybe he is just very uber at playing the keyboard. What do you guys think?


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    Re: String runs in this... (how to program)



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    Re: String runs in this... (how to program)

    I usualy play arpeggios at slow tempo, trying to give more accent on the first of each four. I dont program them because arpeggios can easily sound machine gun if programmed, even if you tweak velocities.


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    Re: String runs in this... (how to program)

    I've yet to find an all conquering 'string runs' solution. I think you need to take each run in context, and then try all sorts of things until it sounds right. Here's a few things I try.......

    1) Overlap the notes
    2) Layer short articulations with sustaining ones
    3) Layer trills
    4) Layer tremolo
    5) Layer different libraries together
    6) Mix in a little of the strings from 'Atmosphere'
    7) Alter the velocities of each note

    Also, the orchestration of the rest of the piece affects how realistic the runs sound.

    So I guess my advice is try anything / everything with whatever you have at your disposal


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    Re: String runs in this... (how to program)

    Great ideas Steve!

    Rob (couple of new ones in there, thanks)
    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: String runs in this... (how to program)

    Thanks for the advice on how to get a good string run sound with samples, but my question was really how you think the runs were programmed in the piece above. Its a midi file so people can look.


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