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Topic: Some general Budgets

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    Some general Budgets

    The teacher gave us these the other day. He's done about 15 movies and countless commercials so i guess he is a quite reliable source.

    Budgets :

    Tv Documentary $5.000 ~ $8.000
    Australia Feature Film $40.000 ~ $60.000 ( While retaining ownership in Australia )
    American Feature Film $100.000 ~ $300.000 ++
    Training Video, Late night Tv ads , Abc educational Tv ~ $3000
    Tv Ads - $10.000 ~ $25.000

    So...... GO FOR THE TV ADS. 30 seconds of music, around 15.000 bucks... not bad!

    Off topic :

    Treat the dialogue and FX like instruments .

    Music budget is usually 3% of the overall

    * AU dollars.
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    Re: Some general Budgets

    These figures are higher than what I'm used to / told about - speaking about where I live of course. Does the royalty from playing the stuff to the public add to these figures as well?
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    Re: Some general Budgets

    Figures like that really mean nothing --- i'm sure the teacher meant well - but there are countless variables that determine the $$$'s.

    And as the other poster pointed out - are these base creative fees ? Royalties added in (which is impossible to quantify) ?? The TV ad amount looks highly skewed !!! Even for top-shelf clients. After the royalties role in, that figure looks more accurate.

    And it's easy to make more than 2-3 times that amount for documentary work. Is it Ken Burns or is cookie-cutter Discovery Channel ?? There is a huge difference.

    And i shoot for more around 7-10% of budget for buyouts, or music with no residuals (i.e. corporate videos, training, etc).

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