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Topic: VST host and giga, please step me thru it

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    VST host and giga, please step me thru it

    Hi Folks -

    I have giga 96 running, WaveCenterPCI (3.01 drivers), XP Home. AthlonXP 1.6gHz.

    Anyway, I\'m trying the various suggestions I\'ve found here to add a VSTi alongside giga - using a couple of channels of the LitePipe out and stealing one channel of one of the MIDI ports. So I can use Stylus, for example.

    I\'m having trouble getting it all happy, and I\'m wondering if anyone has gone this route successfully and can point me to the procedure for getting this up.

    I can get the programs running (I\'ve tried Chainer Demo, CubaseSX Demo, AudioMulch) but they seem to mess up the sound output from Giga, either completely killing it, allowing only short clicks and pops, or allowing the Giga to play but with lots of clicks and pops on top of the sound.

    I\'m fairly clever with Macs, you see, but Windows is still a bit opaque. I\'m getting there, but I have a score to write and would like someone who\'s gotten this happening to point the way.

    Giga version is 2.52.06

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: VST host and giga, please step me thru it

    Looks like your sound card cannot handle the load. You need a better sound card. I\'m using a Wami Rack 192L. I can have Giga, Sonar, Sound Forge, DXi instruments and plugins running in Sonar all at the same time with no hiccup.

    Have you loaded the latest driver for your sound card? (if there are any available?)

    Try increasing the buffers of the sound card.

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    Re: VST host and giga, please step me thru it

    The Wavecenter WDM drivers are a bit squirrelly. Their earlier VxD drivers are pretty solid, but that\'s not going to help you under XP. The only thing I can suggest for the moment is to make sure the Wavecenter PCI card has its own IRQ and install Windows XP in standard PC mode. This will minimize most problems with soundcard drivers under XP.

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    Re: VST host and giga, please step me thru it

    Having the latest version of Giga is always a good place to start: 2.54.

    Try using the S/PDIF for atmosphere instaed of any of the ADAT channels.

    Using one channel of a MIDI port could also be problematic. Have you tried completely dividing the ports between apps?

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    Re: VST host and giga, please step me thru it

    Thanks guys I\'ve tried your suggestions (except getting a \"better\" soundcard) and still no dice.

    I\'ll keep searching away, meanwhile if anyone has made this config work I\'d love to hear about it.


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