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Topic: SONAR does not record from GIGAStudio - HELP !!!!!!!!

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    Angry SONAR does not record from GIGAStudio - HELP !!!!!!!!


    I am new to this forum and to Gigastudio, so I really need your help.

    I have a midi keybord connected to my PC via midi connection.
    I have M-audio Delta 44 soundcard installed on my PC.
    I have Gigasudio 3 Orchestra that generates the sample sounds.
    I configured Gigastudio to Rewire (via 64 channels) the sound to SONAR, and I invoke Gigastudio from SONAR 4 via "Insert" ==> "Rewire Device" ==> "Giga3".
    Gigastudio then opens up, and I am able to play via my midi keyboard.
    The problem is that SONAR does not record anything.
    I hear the sound when I play the keybord but nothing is being recorded.

    Now, I do not understand exactly how SONAR supposed to know to record
    from the Output channels?
    I checked the book and did not see anything about that.
    I believe that I set up the recording track in SONAR properly.
    As a matter of fact I tried everything and it still does not record.

    If anyone did go through this set up before, I would appreciate it
    If you could walk me through all the steps with as much detail as
    Possible, since this is all new to me.

    Thank you for your help.


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    Re: SONAR does not record from GIGAStudio - HELP !!!!!!!!

    I think you need to do this by using 'capture' from GS wich should prompt a 'save file as' popup. GS will then show a 'waiting for sequencer' message.
    Then start Sonar. You can have Sonar sending Midi start/stop under 'Project Options' wich will then start/stop the capture GS.
    I'm not at my DAW now, but this least it works when you first start GS and then launch Sonar from within GS (you have to set Sonar as the preferred sequencer in the GS first).

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    Re: SONAR does not record from GIGAStudio - HELP !!!!!!!!

    The Capture function in GS is Totaly different than ReWire.

    I think this is probably a ReWire issue on the Sonar side. Have you posted this question on the Sonar forum?

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    Re: SONAR does not record from GIGAStudio - HELP !!!!!!!!

    Rewire should work in stereo on channel 1/2 and mono in other "rewired" channels. Make sure you set "R" for record in the Sonar Giga-audio channel as well as your linked midi channel(s).

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    Re: SONAR does not record from GIGAStudio - HELP !!!!!!!!

    In sonar, highlight the midi track AND the rewire audio track. Then use ALT-E K (edit -- bounce to tracks).

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    Re: SONAR does not record from GIGAStudio - HELP !!!!!!!!

    I also use SONAR 4 with Gigastudio. Though everyone will tell you to go the Rewire route... Back-in-the-day of Giga 160, I found that I can record all my hardware synth modules at the same time as gigastudio playback, while recording all of Giga's intruments, with no disastrous latency. And guys... (.08ms is not that bad). All this in real-time. I didn't like capturing Giga... then recording my hardware to audio in SONAR. It was very un-natural. The trick is, to loop around the S/PDIF output of your sound card into an open S/PDIF channel of your mixer so you can hear Giga, then S/PDIF main output of your mixer, to sound card S/PDIF input. Just make sure you mute your sound card's channels that Giga is initially coming in on, because that will be a duplicate signal. I use an M-Audio Audiophile 2496. A hundred bucks. The cheapest one they make with S/PDIF 24-bit/96kHz.

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