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Topic: Not really a complaint, but....

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    Not really a complaint, but....

    Well, I did get into this knowing what every one else had to say, so I can\'t really complain too much.

    But gigastudio is the biggest piece-o-crap buggy, stupid software package I\'ve ever had the displeasure to use.

    Just ranting a bit.

    Holy cow! I\'ve never had my computer crash so much in my life. It crashes the system at least twice a day one way or another.

    I really hate this software.

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    Re: Not really a complaint, but....

    For me it\'s about the most stable piece of software (not counting the editor).

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    Re: Not really a complaint, but....

    A bad GSIF driver can really ruin your day... Gigastudio on my machine using Staudio and MidiMan delta hardware is pretty stable (XP Pro). I\'ve only been able to consistently crash GSEdit by trying to replace samples into a live GIG. Had some random GS glitches, but only after running the app for hours at a time.

    Unfortunately some hardware vendors are not known for robust driver support. Just curious, what are you using?

    - Keith

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    Re: Not really a complaint, but....

    XP Pro and Echo Indigo. It\'s a laptop setup.

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