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Topic: GS160 XP Latency?

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    GS160 XP Latency?

    I had to do a clean install of GS1660 on to my 2.66Mhz, PIV with 2 Gig Ram, Echo Layla (20). The system used to work pretty well on the same machine (except the usual GS errors). Now I have a latency problem I\'ve never had before. Any ideas? desparate.

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    Re: GS160 XP Latency?

    I\'ve never used the Layla, but I have used the Gina under XP. Tinker with the GSIF buffer sizes in the Layla control panel. I think 256 was the size that worked well for me.


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    Re: GS160 XP Latency?

    Also, I\'m not sure about the GSIF protocol, but ASIO drivers at least run as a background service.

    Right-click on My Computer> go to properties> advanced> under performance click \"settings\" click advanced again. Make sure that Processor Scheduling is set for background services.

    This should help for audio peformance in general.

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