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Topic: One PC or 2 PC machines???

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    One PC or 2 PC machines???

    As things in the studio here become more internalized I was wondering what would be a better way to go in developing a computer environment.

    I am going the PC route.

    Would it be more effective to have one monster of a system, say a Dual processor machine to run all sequencing, audio, processing and virtual synthesizers/sampling( I will not be running Gigastudio ) or would it be more effective to have two machines, one dedicated to audio/sequencing/processing and another machine dedicated to software synthesizers/sampling running in either stand alone or through a VST host program?

    It seems that most of the ongoing stability issues with software is the integration of everything into one host recording environment. Could one limit the potential for software hangups by having two separate machines doing there own dedicated tasks?


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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???

    I think this topic has been discussed somewhere else in the forum just recently.

    I went from a one computer to two computers to three computer set up over the course of a few years. I think that with a two computer set up you will have more stability and versatility. You can run a sequencer and perhaps a sampler on one machine and then another sampler on the other computer.

    In terms of stability, if you have your sampler on one computer and your sequencer on the other, then if your sampler computer crashes, you still have your sequence computer running and unaffected. You won't lose the sequence. That happened to me often before I turned to a two computer set up.

    In terms of polyphony, with two or three computers you will get a lot more voices than with one powerful computer. I think hard drives are limited in terms of the number of voices they are able to stream. (I don't have a technical explanation for this.)


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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???

    If you have room in your studio for more than 1 computer, go for it. It´s not much more expensive than buying a single powerful computer, and it is far more stable and fast. Just make sure you are confortable with networking, and every thing will be ok. Ow, and if I was you, I would not think of networking GS3. It´s hard to make it work in a single computer, imagine with 2 or more at the same time! Stay away from trouble, use Halion, EXS, Kontakt, or any other virtual sampler that does not try to take over your entire machine to run properly.

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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???

    Guga, there you go again.

    Please tell us about your expereince in networking GS3 machines.

    I use GS3 with MIDIoverLAN+ with no problems. The last crash I had was with v3.01. I've never had v3.04 crash.


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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    Guga, there you go again.

    Please tell us about your expereince in networking GS3 machines.

    How about this one? It happened to me too:

    And this one:

    this one is good too:

    this one is awesome, "All is fine, but when I try to save, the pc reboots instantly - no warning" ALL IS FINE!!!ALL IS FINE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH GASP.. GASP... GASP...

    Or this one, the guy simply can´t load a .gsp file:

    This is one of my favorites, "Your system has recovered from a serious error
    Would you like to disable all drivers associated with the Giga technology?", and the guy just say he learned to live with this error message. And then another guy says "yeah, it happens to me all the time!"

    Or if you prefer, try this search. Personally I didn´t know that there were so many things in a single machine to be f**ked by GS3

    As you see, despite of what you think there are many people pretty pissed off because they spent their time and money in a system that doesn´t work.
    Never ignore the power of self denial...

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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???


    Anybody can find examples of customer problems with any software. GS3 is not unique in this regard.

    Concerning the links, the first one was just reported recently. There may be a problem with drivers, Windows configuration or other conflicts. It's too early to judge. Hopefully, people here at NS will be able to help him solve it.

    I personally helped the person figure out and solve problem 2.

    I believe that problem 3 was solved by turning off the Quicksound file scan. (I'll have to check with my friend, Alan.)

    Problem 4 was also solved and related to using GigaVST without any GSIF drivers.

    In problem 5 the guy tried to load a performance that included GigaPulse into the Ensemble version, where GigaPulse GSPs aren't supported. Sure, the software should have detected the problem rather than crashing, but again, problem solved. It was an unsupported action.

    Problem 6 was also solved by turning off Quicksound file scan.

    The search of GigaStudio and Corrupted is a bit laughable. I've often replied to people having problems by asking "could it be that one of your .gig files is corrupted". As you know, files can be corrupted for many reasons, including bad RAM or a bad disk.

    I will never claim that GS3 or any other software is bug free. v3.04 works realibly for me. I just used it live for the second time yesterday evening.

    Often, when people attack others (or in this case, GS3) it is because they feel attacked or harmed.

    Please don't take my response as a personal attack. It is not one. And I am not attacking any other sampling software.

    Please consider if you feel harmed or threatened by GS3. I can't assume to know the source of your hostility towards this product. I don't need to know the answer. Such introspection would be for your own benefit.

    All the best...


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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???

    Quote Originally Posted by Guga Bernardo
    As you see, despite of what you think there are many people pretty pissed off because they spent their time and money in a system that doesn´t work.
    Never ignore the power of self denial...

    Unbelievable... Guga, There are obviously problems with GS3, as there is with all types of software. I'll even give you that GS3 has been a lot of trouble for a lot of people, and it's evident that their customer service/support is not very good, and on and on...BUT... that said...

    The members around here are and have been an incredibly valuable resource in helping anyone who has asked them for it. And while Jon can certainly defend himself, he has been one of, if not THE most helpful and patient people I have come across. So please be careful in your selection of words and responses, as I value the help of these people who could just as easily spend more of their time writing music, rather than responding to your/our requests for help. Just a thought and a reminder.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???

    Thanks for the kind words, Danimal.

    All the best!


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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???

    An update on the first link above to problems with GS3.

    It seems that the user had tried to update his PC to SP1, but the upgrade failed partway through. That's when the problems began, and he tried to remove/re-install Giga.

    Who knows what state that machine is in now. I recommended that he get a clean update to SP1 before worrying about getting Giga to work smoothly.


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    Re: One PC or 2 PC machines???

    Quote Originally Posted by Danimal
    So please be careful in your selection of words and responses
    Really??? Let´s put the thing in another perspective: I NEVER, and I mean, NEVER make personal statements, unless as a response to a personal statement directed to ME. If you go back in this topic for example, you will se that (as always) I don´t recommnend to anyone the use of GS3 since I don´t believe it´s a serious product. And you will also find out that not only Jon starts the personal comments (as always), and his never-ending questioning about my how much I am prepared to give advices (as always), despite the fact that he knows that I actually used GS3 and had a very bad time with it, not to mention that my knowlegde (and anyone´s knowlegde here) is simply not in discussion. And if you wish to search this forum, you will see that Jon and I have a "history" in discussions about GS3, wich I take as a proof that we really don´t agree on this product. So, don´t bother too much about the kind words we say to each other, because we are already used to it.

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