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Topic: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

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    Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    I just got Virtual Guitarist and I'm having a few issues with the installation process:

    1. The files from the first disk (there are 3) copy over with no problem. I am then prompted to insert the next disk and I do and press OK. I don't get a window showing me the progress of the continued installation for at least 30 minutes (sometimes an hour). Same thing for the 3rd disk.

    2. When installation is complete (after at least 2 hours) I go to try out Virtual Guitarist in Cubase SX3. I'm able to load it but I go to play something and I see a message telling me to 'please reinstall!' where the patch names normally are. I'm getting MIDI, I see the Virtual Guitarist UI and everything but I get no audio. Now I have to go through this long process all over again. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Bad disks?

    And why does installation take soooooooo long? I've never experienced anything like this before.

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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    With many computers, when a CD is inserted, there is a small "what action do you want to take" window that pops up.

    With VG, I THINK you need to make sure that you see that pop-up and close it, before you click "OK".

    If I remember correctly you should see some type of progress display throughout the whole process. The entire installation process shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.

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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    Not getting that pop up window. I know which one you're talking about. I have it disabled for some odd reason. I enable it and see if that makes a difference.

    I've been trying to successfully install this literally ALL DAY. And if there isn't one problem there is another. This is very frustrating. There will be times where I fully install it and I get to try to use it then nothing happens. There have been times during installation where the specific files won't copy over or "open" and installation is halted. You can't even pick up where you left off if there is a problem. You have to start all over. This sucks

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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    Two suggestions:

    1. Make sure you are putting the CDs in the same drive (I think VG expects them that way)

    2. Take a clean dry cloth and clean the discs. Perhaps they are dirty.

    The only other reason I could think of would be if your CD drive is starting to fail (but that is unlikely).

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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    Ok, I have Virtual Guitarist installed (for the 3rd time). This time installation (while taking a long time) basically went off without a hitch. I actually completed the whole process and clicked "Finish" after it was over so this is official.

    I'm still getting this "please reinstall!" message after I launch VG in Cubase. I get the UI, I get MIDI - I see the notes that I'm playing in that little window of the UI but it's as if whatever is supposed to happen to make VG point to where the sounds are isn't happening.

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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    I think you may need to contact Steinberg. I assume there is some component that needs to be "uninstalled", but isn't being removed by the Uninstall routine (you are uninstalling before you re-install, correct?).

    I don't have Cubase, but in a Sonar midi track, once I load VG and assign the correct midi Input port and channel, I use the list of guitars and "load" one. There is an empty guitar outline, which "fills up" while the instrument is loading

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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    Are you using a DVD drive? I remember that the copy protection didn't like certain DVD drives when VG was released several years ago. A long shot guess but I thought I would mention it.

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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    I think this is a fairly common problem with VG...I had it too. I think you'll find the answer here: http://bornemark.se/vg/download_updates.htm
    Be patient....I had to figure it out too...and got it working with the info here. Can't remember the process, sorry...but I hope this helps.


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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    Thanks for the replies everybody. I figured it out.

    Basically VG creates a folder with all of the contents (.dll files, .wav files, path info, etc..) but what you have to do is leave that folder where it's created with the .wavs inside then move the rest of the files into a VirtualGuitarist Folder at Cubase/VstPlugins.

    Anyway, after all of that, this isn't even what I thought it was going to be. I gotta learn to start reading the manual or something. Virtual Guitarist appears to be a loops only app or am I not doing something right?

    I'd like to be able to freely play these sounds without having them locked to the tempo in my sequencer. Is this possible?

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    Re: Problems Installing Virtual Guitarist

    Read the first 6 pages of the manual to understand.

    The purpose of VG is to act as a virtual rhythm guitarist, where you specify (or play) chords, and the software plays rhythms based on the style you have selected.

    It definitely is not intended to play back note-for-note guitar samples.

    If you want a more "freer playing" guitar software, you might want to investigate RealGuitar -- you can download and install a demo.

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