Here a tip on changing the pitches on slices in a loop:

Go to the edit groups and select "create an edit group for all slices in element"
Play up and down the keyboard and see if there are any slices you want to re-tune.
I use Logic, so I can look at the transport window and it will tell me the note I'm playing is C#2. I then select the C#2 edit group and use the coarse tuning to get the pitch I want.
It doesn't have to be just tuning, it could be any synthesis parameter that you can modify for 8 slices, I guess that is the maximum amout of edit groups you can have.

So once you have the edit group created you simply select the note number of the slice you want to modify in the edit groups... and go to town.

If you need to change the pitch on more than 8 slices, another approach would be to have a controller "midi learn" the coarse pitch. If you insert a controller event just prior to the note on, you can use the controller value to
change the pitch. A controller value of 64 centers the coarse tune to no transpsition, A value of 127 is +24 semi tones. A value of 0 is -24 semi tones.
It works out to every two controller values = 1 semitone of transposition.

I use Logic's event list for this approach. ( two of them actually)
One list displays the notes, the other one I can pencil in controllers.
I pencil in a controller, change it to whatever the contoller number is that is assigned to coarse tuning and copy the note-on time (from the midi file) and paste it to the controller.
Offset the controller event one tick before the note on.
It's a little tedious, but the payoff is huge.