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Topic: Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact

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    Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact

    I seem to have run into a very perculiar problem with both the 'Full Strings Sus+Short' and 'Cellos Sus+Short' patches - when holding down G#2 for 5 or 6 seconds there is a clicking sound when the sample reaches it's loop (which is audible in the iceland.mp3 I posted recently in the demo forum), and continues to click whenever it jumps back to the loop's starting point. I've done a lot of experimenting and it's defiantly specifically related to the cello sample assigned to that key... load the equivalent lush, trill or tremolo patches or delete the note and the problem goes right away!

    To add a little extra mystery I sent a Cubase project file with a chord progression that highlighted the problem to KevinKauai, who consequently couldn't reproduce the clicking. I'm confident this problem isn't related to DFD settings (since I've tried it with both DFD off and on) or soundcard issues (I get the exact same problem on three different cards)... perhaps this was a problem introduced when I installed the Kontakt Player update? The same thing happens with all instances of the player, be it the VSTi plugin or the stand-alone application.

    Edit: I've just tried loading the backed-up 'Cellos Short+Sus' patch made when installing the update and the exact same problems with that specific sample. I wonder if something went wrong when installing from the cds causing the sample to glitch?

    Edit: Copying the GPO_library_part1.nks file across to my hard drive from the cds again didn't change a thing, and on closer inspection it appears there's more than one cello sample that clicks when looping! This is all rather odd...

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    Re: Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact

    I have noticed this as well. I hadn't heard it before as I usually have violins and violas going by the time I'm entering cello lines. The clicking is faint and, in my case, doesn't seem to be necessary at regular intervals. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact

    Sorry to dig this post back up but it seems to be quite a persistant problem that has followed me from two different setups. I've just built one of those itty bitty little Shuttle XPCs with an Athlon XP 3200+ Processor, 1GB of Crucial PC3200 RAM and a Western Digital 160gb ATA Hard Drive (8mb buffer), and I have the exact same (and only) problem as I did on my Toshiba laptop with completely different components - that one cello sample still clicks when looping!

    So, it's not the soundcard (I've tried both the onboard sound and a Tascam Us-122), and if two completely different setups display the same problem I'm not sure what to do.

    Any suggestions? I've tried various things in Tom's "Clicking and Popping issues" thread which all didn't seem to be related to my problem and didn't make much of a difference

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    Re: Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact

    I will email Tom to let him know of this.


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    Re: Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact


    There is indeed a glitch (actually two) but one of them is only coincidentally related to the loop location. Unfortunately, this is one that is not easily remedied by making adjustments to the loop locations or crossfades. I was able to make things significantly better by doing major surgery on the wave but that is of no immediate use because the monolithic file structure does not allow easy updates of this sort (unlike simple programming changes.) I'm afraid this one will need to wait to the next recoding of the sample pool and I have no idea when that will be. Wish I could tell you more.


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    Re: Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact

    Thanks for looking into this Tom, luckily such a glitch isn't too much of a big deal as it can be masked with fading other cello patches in and out for sustained notes (or just repeat the note before the click). I hope bringing this up hasn't caused too much of a headache for you guys

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    Re: Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact

    Quote Originally Posted by navidson
    I hope bringing this up hasn't caused too much of a headache for you guys
    This, plus an aspirin, comes with the territory.


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    Re: Cellos Sus+Short - 'clicking' artifact

    Thank you Tom for all you do!


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