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Topic: Opinions on EIS?

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    Opinions on EIS?

    I'd like some opinions from anyone who studied the EIS system, from the perspective of someone who has no previous music theory experience. I tried doing a search (on this forum) for EIS, but it didn't like the search term because it was too short. (?!)
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Opinions on EIS?

    Wonder if I signed up for this if I could start getting educational discounts on stuff. LOL

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    Re: Opinions on EIS?


    I'm actually studying EIS, and, although I'm early into the course, I think its a very nice tool for people wanting to learn additional approaches to harmony and composition. Most books/course I've found have a traditional aproach, thats not bad, but simply have their faults.

    With EIS I'm considering to add some additional points of views, and it has a huge focus on voice leading and many pratical usages.

    I find it not alternative to traditional harmony and composition approaches, but complementary and a way to have more fun and to express better my ideas.

    A very useful tool to have in my bag.


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