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Topic: PMI Estonia Re-discovered: Giga3

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    PMI Estonia Re-discovered: Giga3

    Estonia re-discovered!
    Sometimes it takes an unexpected event to trigger discoveries!
    A recent topic at NothernSounds revealed a new piano comparison site, where all pianos were sounding so-so, except one: PMI Estonia.

    So I loaded up the Estonia in GigaStudio3 and played around with it for a few moments, saved the lot in GS3 after tweaking) and made these demos with it:

    Estonia G3.mp3: A nice little variation with some Piano-Verb (DSP).
    Estonia G3-Images.mp3 : The official GOLD BUNDLE Debussy demo for easy comparison with Old Lady and Emperor demos.
    This Estonia for GigaStudio 3 has been added to our on-line store and costs $75 these days...a bargain price for an oldie that shines like new!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI Estonia Re-discovered: Giga3

    nice - really beautiful. Sign me up! You did some tweaking with the forte layer? The forte's were simply amazing. If I get it for my EXS, I assume it won't be too hard to do the same tweak?

    Thanks, Michiel!

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