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Topic: Giga/Dakota and Audigy= bad

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    Giga/Dakota and Audigy= bad

    OK, I\'ve tried just about everything. I\'m getting a blue screen every time I boot Giga. Seems to be some sort of driver conflict. Unfortunately, none of the tech support for either Giga, Creative or Frontier have been able to get to the root of the problem. I\'ve done everything imaginable as far as un-installing and re-installing both the drivers and apps. tried most every configuration I can think of, as well as swapping slots etc. I\'m running XP with Gigastudio 160 and trying to run an Audigy card as well. I have the same problem with or without the Audigy installed. I can sometimes get Giga to boot, at which point I won\'t shut down until I get whatever music done that I have to, because I know that the next time I boot, it will crash the system.
    What I\'d really like to know is if anyone else has aver run into this problem, and had a solution. The system is a new Dell 2.6 P4, 512 RAM, XP home edition, Frontier Dakota, and an AudigyII.
    Any thoughts or solutions appreciated. I\'d really like to get back to writing music instead of spending my day swapping cards and looking through the registry for old drivers.... [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Giga/Dakota and Audigy= bad

    I assume you\'re running the Frontier card because it has GSIF drivers? (I\'m not familiar with their cards). One way to avoid the conflict is to use your Audigy card with Kx drivers, which support GSIF, and leave the Frontier card out.

    I was using Audigy for awhile (when my usual GSIF card got fried) with GigaStudio and it worked fine. Just avoid Creative\'s drivers and use the third party Kx drivers instead.

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    Re: Giga/Dakota and Audigy= bad

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I\'m also using the optical outs from the Dakota through an ADAT bridge to the 888. So I think I\'m stuck with the Dakota.

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