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Topic: Do you have GS3 100% stable?

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    Do you have GS3 100% stable?

    I have seen the poll several threads away, but most people don't say how stable their working systems are.

    My GS3 system is fairly stable, but once every two or three weeks, GS3 seems to hang while starting up, and becuse I don't enjoying watching the splash screen , I need to reboot. Upon starting again, this time it works fine. Once it is up and running, I never have any problems unless trying to use too many voices, in which case I need to restart the audio engine.
    So my only real problem is that once in a while when GS3 refuses to start.
    Does this happen to anyone else, or am I a solitary freak?

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    Re: Do you have GS3 100% stable?

    Might be that you're not letting your computer totally boot up before you start clicking. I've had to let mine sit for a minute or so before I try to open anything! Might just be a driver hasn't completely loaded yet. I leave my machines on most of the time but when I do reboot I just go and grab a coffee so I'm not tempted to be impatient!

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    Re: Do you have GS3 100% stable?

    Mine's been totally stable. I can't remember the last crash. I've even used it live in a low pressure jam session.

    The last crashes I had were when I pushed the CPU to new heights and overfilled the RAM. Kind of like running an engine past redline to find out when it blows. I've given up my lead foot, and GS3 has been as reliable as Lassie.


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    Re: Do you have GS3 100% stable?

    Me too -- totally stable on a 'lowly' 2.4 Ghz PIV with 1 gig RAM. I've run it alongside EWQLSO Gold on the same machine with GS3 rewired to Sonar with no problems, have run a number of simulataneous gigapulse instances, and have asked it to produce a large number of voices with low latency. So far it has delivered without crashes, hiccups, or conflicts. (KNOCK ON WOOD...)

    Has anyone ever before seen software whose stability seems so capricious? I mean, I did nothing special when specing-out my comp. Hearing all the problems others have had makes it seem largely a matter of luck, which either speaks to the cutting-edge high performance character of the software, or simply to bad code.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Do you have GS3 100% stable?

    After I sorted out all the headaches with my setup, I am running stable now...I have not loaded a sequencer program yet, but will load Sonar 4 in the next couple of day's....Hopefully Sonar will play nice with Giga .....Jim

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    Re: Do you have GS3 100% stable?

    I use Sonar 3 on my GS3 PC without problems. Should be good with Sonar 4 as well. You won't be the first with that combo.


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    Re: Do you have GS3 100% stable?

    Thanks guys.
    Apart from the once-every-while-refuses-to-start I don't have any other probs. Guess I may have misinstalled it.
    I'm going to get a new computer soon, so I hope that will cure it.

    Seclusion: you could be onto something. I do click on the GS3 icon as soon as the desktop appears. Like you, I'm going to find other things to do for a minute or so.
    Because of cost of electricity and to help save the environment, i always turn my computers off at night.

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    Re: Do you have GS3 100% stable?

    Thanks Jon.......Jim

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