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Topic: Problem with xelephone samples?

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    Problem with xelephone samples?

    Just started a project that requires a Xelephone part and the GPO KS Xelephone is giving me static when I switch between sample sets via KS. Anyone else seeing this?


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    Re: Problem with xelephone samples?

    CH, the keyswitching provides for single hits and double hits (for playable rolls). Are you getting static on certain notes or when you engage the keyswitch itself. I just tested it on my system and it seems to be working fine. It could be a function of your system, audio or settings. Is it only the Xylo or other instruments?

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Problem with xelephone samples?

    Hi Gary,
    It is when you key switch to the doubled note samples and then back to the single note samples a couple of times.
    IE play double notes, about 4notes will do-key switch back to single,
    repeat about 3-4 times witout stopping

    I am getting a faint crackling sound. It is the only instrument that does it , I have not tried all the KS instruments though with this recipe. I will try others besides the Xylo and get back to you.


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