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Topic: GS the impression here

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    GS the impression here

    Having read this list for a week or so, i\'ve got an impression of the GS that worries me.

    People talk about clicks and pops, release of notes GS clicking and cutting early. They mention that the organising sounds on the harddrive is not user friendly. PRoblems with volume settings..

    There are no effects on GS and filters etc are minimal. Talk of effects is mainly based upon adding new dsp processors from third party.

    So, with the placement of GS on a separate pc, the cost of GS, effects etc...it all adds up to compare with hardware.Pro\'s for GS is that the technology will improve with updates and only get better...dependant upon the developers commitment.

    I need great sounds, electonica and orchestral...no probs..no latency issues betwwen pc\'s or computer problems at all. Im a musician not a pc expert. ITs GS or E-mu ultra.

    Any comments.

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    Re: GS the impression here

    It\'s a very common thing that in a User Forum
    people discuss about problems in a Software and
    not about what\'s working fine because we all
    look for solution to our problems - and most
    of the time it\'s really our problems and not
    the Software\'s fault...
    And in most cases this things are solved by R.T.F.M.
    Because if we all didn\'t like GS and weren\'t
    amazed by all the good things this Software
    does for us...

    ...I think we wouldn\'t use it and join this Forum.

    Could be that some advantages should be mentioned
    sometime - So maybe you should create a topic
    about it. I\'m sure there will be multiple
    posts in return - Try it out...


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    Re: GS the impression here

    I find GigaSampler to be the easiest sampler I\'ve ever worked with. As far as needing a second PC to work gigasampler with I personally don\'t think its needed. I and many other of my associates do not have any problems using gigasampler in the same pc as my sequencer (cubase vst3.7) in fact I will be upping a demo soon showing the power of GigaSampler with cubase vst. We\'ve have been able to have 32 tracks of vocals 16 channels of gigasampler running at the same time while recording. What sound card(s) are we using? Gina and a SB live.
    What motherboard? Asus p2b. what Hard drive?
    Maxtor 8.4 Udma. What processor celeron 300a
    overclocked to 450Mhz. Ram 128Mb. No clicks no pops no hang-ups. Its so good between us all we have EPS,ASR10 and Ak3 all have been collecting dust for months now this post is actually going to get me to dust mine. We\'ve converted most of our samples from those formats to gig files. The creative process is much faster. What I find about gigasampler is that if I do come across any problem the solution is usually something very simple that I\'ve missed, or I didn\'t read the manual. As far as effects I use vst for that, others may be lucky and have pulsar or mixtream. We\'re content until I\'ve used up my processing power, haven\'t hit that yet in a song. I record my sounds to separate tracks then add effects. I find gigasampler great , as I\'ve said before I will up a demo done with GigaSampler and cubase vst, that has 32 tracks of vocals. We are still getting the female vocalist to do some finishing touches. I\'m sure it will give a little indication of what gigasampler can do powered with an audio sequencer like cubase vst. Everything is recorded to the digital domain and will be mixed down, what you hear is what you get ready to burn to cd. Remember I also said the demo was done on one P.C. I think many will find it very interesting that this is possible. I will post back here when it\'s up.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: GS the impression here

    hi john,

    you are right - a professional GS system IS expensive, but it also is the highest level of sample sound quality you can reach! And the arranging process is creative as with no other sampler - nearly no RAM limits (with a 256Mb or more machine) and it loads the biggest instruments in seconds!
    If you only load and play, GS is very easy and works rocksolid.
    Problems appear when you edit instruments, because the communication GS->editor, which is a seperate software, is not working well (but this will be fixed, tell me dave).

    Imagine, GS is new, has much power and is a software which will give you fast increasing functionality. Gigasampler uses can COMMUNICATE with the guys of nemesis and they will do a lot of things we want! And can you you tell me any hardware with this power? Look to AKAI - the machines can absolutely NOTHING but recording and playing samples, and the new ones are still buggy. Try to as an AKAI manager about that, he won´t speak with somebody like you and me!

    I now only work with 2 systems: GS and my old, very creative ASR 10. To make music, I didn´t switch on my old E-64 and the AKAIs for months!

    GS and,

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    Re: GS the impression here

    Hi all,

    how do you record your midi tracks to audio?
    CAn you record all midi tracks to separate audio tracks in vst at the same time?
    Do you use gigsampler capture option or SB Live\'s \'what you hear\' option?
    How good is your Live digital output (some rumors it\'s not that good)?
    Is S-converter really 100% succesful when it comes to converting AKAI files?

    Too many questions , sorry!

    [This message has been edited by victor (edited 07-15-1999).]

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    Re: GS the impression here

    Hey, PapaChalk, your system is similar to mine. (Gina, SB Live). That\'s great newsa that you can use Cubase and Giga on the same machine, AND do hd recording while using Giga.

    I am still getting lockups, but Nemesys told me to disable the SB Live\'s synth. I\'ll see how that works. Did you have to do this? Are you using Liveware 2.0? I\'m *really* afraid of this thing. When it came out, the SBLive NG was full of people claiming that it totally hosed their systems.

    [This message has been edited by mitchb2 (edited 07-15-1999).]

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    Re: GS the impression here

    This week I was even more suprised when I had to burn a CD while running giga. It still worked perfect! (PII 350)

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    Re: GS the impression here

    Thanks for all the feedback and support. Almost everything that has been requested or pointed out is in our spec for the future. After only a little over a year of release, we are already on our 4th version, 1.6 due out any day now.
    Take care
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: GS the impression here

    John Pin wrote:
    \"I need great sounds, electonica and orchestral...no probs..no latency issues betwwen pc\'s or computer problems at all. Im a musician not a pc expert. ITs GS or E-mu ultra.\"


    I know how you feel. As a dedicated Cakewalk user, I have had to learn more about computers and Windows in the past 2 years than I ever wanted to know. However, if you want to use a PC to do ANYTHING on which you depend, you have no choice but to learn about ALL of this stuff. Look at the Cakewalk newsgroup for an example. There is more talk there of IRQ\'s, hard drive spec\'s, overclocking Celerons, etc., than there is of music. This is the way it is, and the way it will remain for a long time.

    If this makes you uncomfortable, than you are much better off with a dedicated hardware sampler.

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    Re: GS the impression here

    in reply,

    no this doesnt make me feel uncomfortable..i\'m a Paris and Logic user.
    I know the process. But before you embark, you want to make the journey will get you there.

    just a few issues to clarify. It is comforting to have a nemesys presence on the list. The great thing about Paris, is that the list is visited daily by the Paris programmers.

    thanks again for all the feedback.

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