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Topic: Pro Tools Free

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    Pro Tools Free

    So I went to download Protools Free and it turns out the don\'t support windows XP. Grrrr!!!

    Stupid!!! How can software companies be so shortsighted as to not update their software to run with the current operating system thats coming with every new computer a person buys? It\'s getting to be even somewhat difficult to get 98 still. Do they just not want people to actually use their product??? I don\'t understand that kind of thinking.

    I was seriously considering looking into protools. But I\'m sure not going to dump XP and hunt down a copy of 98 to install just to try it out. So they\'ve effectively lost my interest and any potential for that future sale.


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    Re: Pro Tools Free

    The free version of Pro tools has been around for a number of years. Long before XP was available.

    It doesnt make sense to spend a fortune on updating a free product when you need the hardware to get the best from it.

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