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Topic: Sonar 2.0 - Stretching Drumloops in Tempo

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    Sonar 2.0 - Stretching Drumloops in Tempo

    Question for you all -

    I\'m using Sonar 2.0, and I\'m trying to do something with drumloops. I know Digital Performer can do it. But, I have a drumloop here that is at 53 bpm. I\'d like to be able to specify a new tempo, and have it automatically stretch the audio to the appropriate length to make the drumloop play in that tempo. In DP, I have the option to do this, and it\'ll adjust the audio automatically to whatever the new tempo I want the loop to operate at, but I\'m unsure of how to do this in Sonar 2.0, any ideas?


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    Re: Sonar 2.0 - Stretching Drumloops in Tempo

    Hello Chad,

    Right click on your loop in Sonar. Then select \"Clip Properties\" from the menu. Then choose the \"Groove-Clips\" tab. Select \"Stretch to Project Tempo\", fill in the corresponding info (beats, original tempo), and you\'re set.

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