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Topic: My Worn Out Yamaha KX88

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    My Worn Out Yamaha KX88

    I have a Yamaha KX88 MIDI controller I bought back in 1984 (or there abouts). Needless to say, it doesn't owe me anything - what a work horse! The key action was starting to get a bit sticky so I thought I would take it apart and do some cleaning. I completed that, and re-lubed with the special stuff Yamaha provides. Problem is - now the action is too light! Not sure, but I actually think maybe the springs attached to each key may have lost their life. Has anyone had a similar problem? I hate to give up on this great controller, but as it stands now, it feels more like a synth than a piano...

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    Smile Re: My Worn Out Yamaha KX88

    He, he - that sounds like a plan Lee! And using some dog hair and dust from the vac could perhaps speed the process by a couple of years...

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    Re: My Worn Out Yamaha KX88

    I too use a KX-88 for all my inputing to dp, but I admit, the response is too slow for some stuff. Otherwise it's a wonderful high quality piece of equipment.


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