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Topic: Windows 2000 vs Windows XP

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    Windows 2000 vs Windows XP

    Since the Tascam Forum is closed ( I am sure the goodies they are preparing for us are so sweet,they do not wish to be disturbed in the creative process) hence a question:
    I am running W2000 Professional, and have no major problems apart from occasional hickups and Giga 96 acting up. I have a chance to change to XP. I dread the work involved to reload all, get new drivers,etc.,etc.
    Would you recommend doing it anyway?



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    Re: Windows 2000 vs Windows XP

    Ive been using win 2k in all my sampler computers and havent had any problem with it. I am using XP on my sequencer comp though.

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    Re: Windows 2000 vs Windows XP

    right now its is a sideways move wxp is based on w2k but has more crap to disable.
    however when giga 3 comes out consider XP if your cpu supports hypertreading. also you can stay with w2k and go with xeon mobo and cpu for hyperthreading as well.
    download sp4 it may help right now with any problems

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    Re: Windows 2000 vs Windows XP

    IF you were to install XP as an upgrade in W2K you won\'t have to reload most drivers. It\'s not that much of a hassle.

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    Re: Windows 2000 vs Windows XP

    IMHO: Don\'t fix what isn\'t broken. If your w2k is running okay with your current setup, there is no need to get a new OS. (Although I prefer to install XP on new systems)

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